Council plans to build more affordable homes in Battersea

Published: Tuesday 23rd December 14

The council is set to boost the supply of affordable housing in Battersea by building up to 85 new low cost homes for rent.

Under the proposals, which are due to be discussed by councillors in the new year, the housing department would design and build the new homes, which could be a mix of properties suitable for single occupants, couples and families. All would be offered for rent to local people with links to the borough who need low cost housing. 

As well as providing new homes the project would also generate new jobs and deliver additional employment opportunities for young people from Wandsworth who are enrolled on the council’s apprenticeship schemes.

The project follows the announcement earlier this year of a new £4m council scheme to build 130 new affordable homes in the borough. Across Wandsworth as a whole more than 1,600 affordable homes are expected to be built in the next four years.

If the scheme is approved the new homes would be constructed in Hope Street in Battersea, on the site of an ageing and underused sports facility. 

Individuals and clubs who currently use the sports centre would be able to use the wide range of alternative provision already available in the vicinity.

Other sports venues located nearby include the Wandle Rec and Battersea Park which both have outdoor artificial grass pitches, while sports like badminton and basketball can also be offered at the Wandle, the Latchmere leisure centre and the nearby Caius House youth centre which has just benefited from a £12.5m redevelopment programme that has delivered residential units plus state-of-the art sports, leisure and recreational facilities for young people. Other community sports facilities will also be available at the redeveloped St John Bosco school site.

The council is also exploring the possibility of providing a new all-weather sports pitch in Battersea and discussions are already underway with Sport England about a possible funding bid to help in its finance.

The council’s housing spokesman Cllr Paul Ellis said: “London desperately needs more housing and of course there is a particularly need to build more affordable housing for people and families on low incomes.

“Utilising this site in Battersea to provide more low cost homes for rent would ensure that we can offer more support to families who have been made homeless through no fault of their own and others who are currently living in cramped or unsuitable accommodation.”

Community services spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “The sports centre has seen user numbers fall recently and it is becoming increasingly uneconomic. Using the site for new low cost housing would make good sense, especially as there is a wide range of other and better sports facilities in the area.”

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We have tried to hire this hall in the past and been told it is fully booked so who is lying we have a good idea. This facility should stay open children and adults need to keep fit as you keep telling us. We will try again soon to book this facility. The results will be in the local press.
Len James

12 January 2015

Only this Council could boast about providing 85 affordable homes! What about all the deals done with developers to allow them to avoid providing their full quota of affordable homes and how affordable are the homes which are provided. The problem stems from the right to buy and the refusal of the Council to replace those which have been sold.

23 December 2014