New shops, library and 200 homes for Wandsworth Town

Published: Wednesday 17th December 14

Plans have been approved for 201 new homes and a brand new library in the heart of the Wandsworth Town regeneration area.

The council’s planning applications committee last night approved a proposal to merge and redevelop three outdated sites linking Garratt Lane and Wandsworth High Street.

The three sites include a nine-storey block owned by South Thames College and two buildings owned by the council - Welbeck House and 17-27 Garratt Lane.

The new development would create four new buildings ranging in heights from four to 26-storeys.  

The new building facing onto Wandsworth High Street would replace the outdated Welbeck House and would be finished in red brick to reflect the neighbouring properties. It would be four-storeys at the street frontage, rising to seven-storeys further back. At the ground floor it would provide a new high street shop.

The new building on Garratt Lane would replace the existing 1960s office block and would also be in red brick with a new shop facing the street. This building would be between four and seven-storeys high.

Two larger buildings would be located within the site, set back from the streets. They would be clad in a combination of red and grey brick and will include a new state of the art town centre library.

The library will open out onto a new public square with seating and a play space for under fives.

New routes would be created through the site providing valuable links between the Old Burial Ground, Garratt Lane and Wandsworth High Street.

The scheme would also bring new investment to the Old Burial Ground itself, including new public art, landscaping, seating areas and bat sensitive lighting.

50 of the new homes (25 per cent) would be reserved for qualifying local residents to rent or buy at a reduced price.

There are several major regeneration projects now underway in the Wandsworth Town regeneration area including the revival of Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth Business Village, the Ram Brewery, Lion House and The Filaments.

The Council and Transport for London are working on a redesign of the Wandsworth One Way system which would make the town centre more attractive and pedestrian friendly.

Planning applications committee chairman Sarah McDermott said:

“This is another important step forward in the revival of Wandsworth Town. The development will create valuable new connections through the town centre and attractive public spaces for the local community. 

“The new buildings along the high street and Garratt Lane are a huge improvement on the tired blocks they replace. Their design and size is much more appropriate and the new shops will make an active contribution to the street.

“The new affordable and market homes are badly needed and the scheme will make another important financial contribution to removing the Wandsworth gyratory. This is key to reviving the high street and unlocking the town centre’s full potential.

“Wandsworth Town is now one of the biggest regeneration projects in London with well over £1bn of new investment flowing through the area. Hundreds of new jobs and homes are being created here alongside major improvements to the local environment.”



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Oh dear- where's the sweetness and light?
David Rosemont

31 December 2014

This site has a specific plan in the Local Plan (SSAD p102). This application, pushed through by the majority party, disregards significant parts of the plan, in particular height and relationship to other adjacent buildings. Its approval is a slap in the face for people who live nearby. This administration is not interested in people who live in Wandsworth. It only wishes to replace them with others from the Far East with no vote and take all that CIL money and extra council tax to bribe the rest of the residents with a low council tax to keep themselves in power. This administration does not even have the integrity to adhere to their own consulted plan. Goebbels would be proud of the press release. A dishonest administration.

23 December 2014

More housing? Can someone please tell me how the hundreds of new residents will get into work in the morning? It's nearly impossible to get a train from Wandsworth or Clapham J (also Putney and Earlsfield!) in rush hour as it is! Wandsworth Council need to provide a solution to this before allowing anymore high rise to be built. Wandsworth's public transport system is currently failing its residents and this will only get worse.

23 December 2014

I think this is a step to far for the the town centre. every spare bit of land is being built on in wandsworth all with high rise tower blocks .i was born in wandsworth and have lived here for nearly 40 years .but in the last 15 years the traffic parking roads paving and commuting around wandsworth as got worse and worse and no money is being spent on them .from what I can see the council are making alot of money letting the land being built on.I think it's time the building stopped wandsworth is over crowded enough
edward wood

22 December 2014

I believe that you/we missed a trick. It helps an area in many ways if it becomes a fashionable destination, BEFORE it is re-developed. (Spitalfields, for example). The Ram Brewery, let out to market traders and cafes, could have become as interesting a weekend destination as Portabello, Brick Lane etc., benefitting all the shops in Old York road and putting Wandsworth firmly on the trendy map. Don't snigger. It would then have increased the desirability and value of any new-build that followed. Instead the Ram has just sat empty. I just pray, as demolition rumbles on, that some character is preserved (for example any remnants of the U.K's first iron railway, which ran along the edge of the site?), and that the most is made of the Wandle !
William Christie

22 December 2014

more public money spent on consultancy fees
antony arthur

20 December 2014

Without a clear ground plan to see how this fits in with neighbouring buildings, the Friends Meeting I House & the burial ground the description is difficult to imagine in situ. The illustrations are not very promising; they make the site appears to be larger than it really is & the buildings themselves grey & brutalist. I am also concerned about the affordability of the accommodation that is described - will they be 'affordable' for people earning the UK's average salary?
Gillian Emmett

20 December 2014

Will it look wonderful in the architect's drawings and then be 'amended' after planning permission has been granted, so it looks like a cheap eyesore? That is what happened in Southfields.
Nick Simpson

19 December 2014

I would echo the feelings of others above. In principal a decent enough project, but only if this is protected to members of our community who have contributed over a number of years. There should be NO places for immigrants.

19 December 2014

What will become of the present Wandsworth Town library building, which had an expensive conversion only a few years ago?
lydia harding

19 December 2014

You can't possibly comment on this until one sees a map/plan of the scheme. Perhaps you could include this in the above. Then I will do so
Susan Shocket

19 December 2014

Why was the museum moved out of the Court House when the library it made way for is now itself going to be moved? It must be doubtful that the roads and transport links will be able to cope with the large increases in residents and visitors who will be drawn into the area as a result of these large scale devopments.
Michael Leigh

19 December 2014

All these new flat being build for who? Are we people's who been overcrowded for years on waiting list and fulltime keyworker or for immigrants new commer in country.
Rubina poleya

18 December 2014

I hope any re-design of the high street will make it more attractive for people to cycle there - that would make it better all round and encourage people to shop locally.

17 December 2014