Awards ceremony honours children in care

Published: Thursday 27th November 14

Dozens of “looked after” children who are in the care of Wandsworth Council will be honoured for their outstanding educational achievement at a special town hall awards ceremony tomorrow (Friday).

Ninety young people will receive awards and commendations for their academic success after being nominated by their schools and colleges or by their foster carers or social workers.

These awards were first presented in 2001 in memory of Keith Bridgman, a former deputy director of social services in Wandsworth who died from cancer that year aged 52. He had dedicated a large part of his professional career to supporting young people in care and helping ensure they were able to make the most of their lives.

Many of the young people who will be honoured at tomorrow’s ceremony will have achieved great academic success at either GCSE, A Level or degree level. Two of those attending the ceremony will receive a £200 prize after graduating from university.

Also attending will be children’s services spokesman Cllr Kathy Tracey who said: “These young people deserve the greatest credit and recognition for their hard work at school, college and university. We are thoroughly proud of them and everything they’ve achieved.

“Many have had to overcome difficult and in some cases tragic personal circumstances which is why their achievements are so notable and so worthy of recognition.

“Their success and the hard work that has gone into securing it make them worthy winners of a 2014 Keith Bridgman Achievement Award.”

Wandsworth Council is currently in the process of redrafting its pledge to its looked after children which guarantees the depth and the range of support that these young people can expect from the town hall

The aim of the pledge is to ensure that all children and young people in the council’s care receive the best parenting possible to maximise their life chances and are able to lead full and happy lives.

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