Don’t miss having your say on plans for new-look one-way system

Published: Wednesday 26th November 14

People still have time to comment on plans published by Transport for London’s for a radical redesign of the Wandsworth one-way system.

TfL is currently conducting a public consultation into outline proposals for a major overhaul of the one way system, which would see cars and lorries diverted away from the town centre’s main shopping and commercial areas.

The consultation, which runs until Friday, December 5, seeks support for the principle of these changes.

Under these interim proposals, traffic would be re-routed away from Wandsworth High Street onto Armoury Way, which would become two-way.

The changes would result in a significant reduction in traffic between Fairfield Street and Putney Bridge Road and provide more space for pedestrians and cyclists, while still allowing buses to service the area. 

Many footpaths could be widened substantially and be improved through extensive tree planting and landscaping, along with other environmental improvements.

Removing through traffic from the gyratory has been a long term strategic aim of the council, although the works can only be approved and carried out by TfL.

If the principle of making these changes is supported in the consultation, more detailed designs would be drawn up and a further round of public consultation carried out in late 2015. If these detailed plans were to be approved construction could begin in 2017.

For more information about the proposals and to take part in the consultation visit

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This was first suggested by the Wandsworth Society about 20 years ago and is a good idea. The proposed skyscaper at South Thames College is a shocker and not a good idea. There were far better schemes in the past. I was Chair of the Wandsworth Challenge Partnership for 10 years.
David Rosemont

4 December 2014

Having lived just off East Hill on Eglantine Road for 17 years I know this is plan is a good thing so thoroughly support it.
Robert Newell CVO

29 November 2014