Councillors turn down 4am bid from Clapham Junction kebab shop

Published: Thursday 30th October 14

The owner of a kebab shop in Clapham Junction has had his application to stay open until 4am rejected by Wandsworth councillors.

The council’s licensing sub-committee turned down proposals that would have allowed the ‘Kebab Feast’ takeaway in St John’s Hill to remain open until 4am at weekends.

Councillors were told that people living nearby would suffer increased levels of noise nuisance if the application was approved. They believed that residents would be kept awake by the sound of customers entering and leaving the takeaway, congregating outside to eat their food and also from the noise of car stereos and car doors slamming.

Committee chairman Cllr Caroline Usher said: “The opening hours requested here were just not appropriate.

“There are many people living nearby who could have easily faced unreasonable levels of disturbance until at least 4am and possibly beyond that hour and we were simply not prepared to sanction this.

“Our role is to help businesses thrive and grow where possible, but our overriding concern must be to protect the public from the impact of overly intrusive and unreasonable commercial proposals.”

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I agree with Bradley. They would be Pedestrians on foot. Who wants to work at 4am? The owner is trying to make a living probably struggling to pay high rent and business rates. The Counillors comments that they are to help Businesses thrive and grow is incorrect . They mean they want to shut down the small man and put in Multiples. Look at Southside,are there any Independent shops? The new development will consist of chains. Are there any Independets on Putney High Street? WBC are biased and against small businesses . Eventually there will be Multiples controlling the Borough.

8 November 2014

I would expect 1,000s of eateries permitted to open for business through extended hours across the country, including some in the borough. The emphasis that this is a kebab shop conjures up an old-fashioned drunken behaviour stygma that could be an unfair factor. Additional car noise would be de minimis, as most potential customers would be on foot late at night. I feel that the public protection factor is overstated, as this already an area of high business density, with late night activity and would not serve to change the environment - but rather give people increased services and options for food later into the night. The decision is short-sighted.
Bradley McNee

7 November 2014