Wandsworth Council to begin new home building programme next year

Published: Tuesday 28th October 14

Wandsworth Council will begin a new home building programme next year starting with two new build developments on the Savona and Patmore estates in Nine Elms, Battersea.

How the new homes on Thessaly Road would look.

Planning permission has now been granted for the two projects which will see a total of 37 ‘low cost rent’ homes built on council owned sites. This will include seven houses with either three or four bedrooms.

Plans to develop several more council sites are in the pipeline.

All 37 of the new Battersea homes will be made available to Wandsworth residents to rent at below market rates. Top priority will be given to council tenants living in the local area who need to downsize or those living in overcrowded homes.

Once these council tenants move to the newly built properties their previous homes will become available for other Wandsworth residents, creating chains of beneficial moves in this part of north Battersea.

The new low cost rent homes will be owned and managed by Wandsworth Council.

Planning committee chairman Cllr Sarah McDermott said:

“This is very good news for the Savona and Patmore estates. These projects will turn two unused sites into new, low cost rent homes which will be targeted towards the local community.”

Cabinet member for housing Cllr Paul Ellis said:

“In recent years this council has created 250 ‘Hidden Homes’ from the underused spaces on our housing estates. These two new schemes go a step further by building new low cost homes on surplus land owned by the council.

“This will be the first stage of Wandsworth’s new home building programme and we have more sites coming through the pipeline. This is an important way we can ensure more market and low cost housing is built to meet local demand.”

15 of the new homes will be built on a disused site on the corner of Thessaly Road and Deeley Road on the Patmore Estate. This scheme will include a four-storey block, split into eight flats, and a row of seven two-storey houses with front and back gardens.

A further 22 homes will be created in a new four-storey building on Stewarts Road on the Savona Estate.

The plans were approved by the council planning committee on October 16.


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Recent comments

I really hope they are good quality and architecturally interesting; enough with so many ugly council houses. Wandsworth should built houses in which people want to live and feel proud of; rather than something cheap. The money provided by so many developers building in Nine Elms should be used to build new homes able to fit in in the whole Nine Elms Opportunity area.

5 November 2014

Good news. May mean more local jobs as well as homes. However, it would have been good to know how many families are on the waiting list due to: 1 wishing to down size 2 being overcrowded
Jane Lambert

31 October 2014

It would be great if the council could build homes which are attractive and add something interesting architectually, with character, not just a square box. Perhaps build the homes in an old village style or something which will give the residents a sense of pride, as well as those of us who live in the area. Battersea has so many ugly coucil flats and homes already - isn't time to do something positive for our area if the council is going to make an iinvestment anyway? I hope our elected officials will insist on only building properties which make the areas desirable to live in and do business in. Perhaps something charming? :)
Laura Stanbridge

31 October 2014