Patmore residents reminded about important housing ballot

Published: Wednesday 22nd October 14

People living on the Patmore estate in Battersea are being reminded that they still have a few days left to take part in an important local ballot that will shape the future of their housing services for the next seven years.

Day-to-day issues like arranging repairs and ensuring the estate is cleaned properly are managed by a local Co-operative which employs ten staff to ensure these services are delivered effectively and efficiently. The Co-op receives funding of £1.3m a year to provide these to the estate’s 885 homes.

Every seven years people living on the estate are balloted to give them the opportunity to decide if they want the Co-op to continue managing these important services. The postal ballot is now underway and residents have until noon on Monday, October 27 to cast their votes.

The council has provided residents with important information to help them make their decision. This includes the results of resident satisfaction surveys carried out on the Patmore compared to estates that are directly managed by the council’s housing department.

In addition residents have been informed about the Co-op’s performance in a number of key areas, including standards of cleaning and the clearance of bulky waste plus the arrangements for rent collection. In 2012, the rent collection function was taken away from the co-operative and returned to the council.

Wandsworth’s cabinet member for housing Cllr Paul Ellis said: “It is really important that residents living on the Patmore take part in this important local ballot. This is their chance to determine the future of their day to day housing services for the next seven years.

“Local people can vote on who they want to be in charge of the really crucial daily tasks like cleaning their blocks, removing flytips, picking up the rubbish and arranging and carrying out repairs to their homes.

“This is their opportunity to shape who will be responsible and accountable for these essential quality of life issues over the next seven years.”

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