Voter staff knock on doors

Published: Tuesday 30th September 14

Wandsworth residents who have yet to complete their voter registration forms will continue to receive visits from council staff in October.

IER logoEvery registered elector has been sent a letter about their voter registration, letting them know if they needed to take action to register to vote under the new Individual Electoral Registration (IER) system. Most residents did not need to take any action.

Residents who do need to register and have not responded to this request may have already had a visit from a canvasser and will be visited again in October if they have not yet responded.

If you need to respond, you can do it online at Alternatively complete the paper form you have been sent.

Failure to respond to this request could result in an £80 fine. Responding now will save your, and council tax payers’, money.

Anyone who has moved recently should visit to register at their new address. Just informing the council of your move does not change your address on the electoral register.

There will be a general election on May 7, 2015. Make sure you keep your records with Electoral Services up to date to ensure you receive a poll card next spring. 

For more information visit or email

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That's good to know. I returned my form weeks ago and received an acknowledgement. I have just received a letter saying that no documentary evidence can be found for me - this, in spite of the fact that I have been a Wandsworth Voter, at the same address, for 38 years, and elsewhere for a further 11 years. Funny, it seemed to work all right for those 38 years. Let's hope that similar letters do not put people off registering.
susan lofthouse

30 September 2014