Gatwick expansion could create local jobs

Published: Thursday 25th September 14

A new report by Gatwick Airport sets out the economic, housing, transport and employment benefits a second runway could bring to Wandsworth and the wider south London region.

An artist's impression of a two runway Gatwick Airport

Gatwick and Heathrow are now the only two locations being considered by the Government’s Airports Commission as potential locations for a new runway in the south of England.

The new study says that areas with direct rail links to Gatwick, including Clapham Junction in central Battersea, would attract higher levels of growth and development if the airport expands. This would create additional local jobs, homes and investment.

Clapham Junction is currently 25 minutes from Gatwick and rail services set to be become faster and more frequent.

According to the report:

  • a second runway would generate up to 70,000 jobs across London, many of them in Wandsworth
  • another 22,000 jobs would be created in and around the airport which would be accessible to Wandsworth residents
  • across the UK a total of 120,000 employment opportunities would stem from the second runway development

Because Gatwick is located south of the capital a new runway would not create new flightpaths over Wandsworth or any other part of London.

Wandsworth Council leader Ravi Govindia said:

“The report makes a strong case which we are now discussing in more detail with Gatwick officials. We are very interested to hear what local people and our business community think about the proposals and you can write to to share your views.

“It’s always been clear Clapham Junction stands to benefit from growth at Gatwick thanks to its direct rail link. We agree it would enhance this part of Battersea’s credentials as a business destination and help attract the employment growth we are already seeing in neighbouring Nine Elms.

“A second runway would have to come alongside further investment in our rail network including the Brighton Mainline and at Clapham Junction Station. It would also add momentum to the council’s redevelopment plans for the area around the station and help us unlock this districts full potential.

“What is certain is that expanding Gatwick would come without the enormous levels of noise pollution, environmental damage and worsening transport gridlock we would face with a third runway at Heathrow.”


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Recent comments

It makes so much more sense. Not just for Wandsworth. Important to mention that it decreases the likelihood of a plane falling on the densely populated capitals head! Or a plane loaded with explosives timed to explode over London. The train line could extend direct to Imperial wharf/Gospel Oak or to waterloo so that there is access immediately to underground. Could the defunct waterloo Eurostar platforms somehow be linked in?
Caroline Clark

28 September 2014

There is plenty of noise pollution around Gatwick too, thank you. Approx 200,000 impacted already, contrary to Gatwick propaganda for which your councillors have sadly fallen. What they should be questioning is whether there is a genuine need for any extra runway capacity in the crowded south-east of this already crowded island.
David Lough

26 September 2014

Very happy to have Gatwick expand - Clapham Junction is an excellent link to the airport if you live in Battsea. London needs to have more airport capacity. Would not be unhappy if heathrow expanded. Just make a decision quickly either way. It must happen for London's sake.
Sue Austin

26 September 2014

Yes, other European capital's airports are becoming international hubs, but they are lying much further outside the city boundaries! Considering the stark difference in negative environmental impact between Gatwick and Heathrow, I cannot understand why Heathrow is still in the discussion. Why do people doubt that the 2nd runway must be built at Gatwick? What are the arguments against Gatwick? I have never heard of any, at least not any serious ones.
Katharina Hauck

26 September 2014

I am committed to the expansion of Heathrow. As a longstanding resident in Wandsworth I am more than a little uncomfortable with Wandsworth Council committing valuable resources to the argument against the expansion of Heathrow. It often hear comments from the council members saying that "the residents of Wandsworth are against the third runway at Heathrow" I for one am not against it other than to say I think the discussion should be about a fourth runway. Other European major hub airports are rapidly becoming preferred destinations for many thus as both a capital city and a nation we are losing revenue.
Paul Decle

26 September 2014

I agree with article. A new runway at Gatwick is much better environmentally and economically than Heathrow expansion.
Patricia Dina

26 September 2014