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Published: Thursday 11th September 14

People living on Battersea’s Winstanley, York Road, Patmore or Savonna Estates can get trained up to help their neighbours lead healthier lives.

Local people can sign up to a ‘Change Champion’ course where they will learn how to make improvement to their own and their family’s health, and then share their new-found skills with others in their community.

The Change Champion course is a free accredited course. It kicks off with an online introduction to healthier lifestyles, and moves onto the Royal Society for Public Health’s  Understanding Health Improvement training.

The course is ideal for people that wish to make simple changes in their lives as well as those looking for skills development that they can go on to use in voluntary or paid roles.

Courses start this month at the York Gardens Library and Mercy Foundation Centre. A free nursery place or crèche will be provided.

The course is part of a wider Healthy Estates programme being run on the estates by the council.

This includes free gym and swimming memberships if residents sign up to certain health schemes, such as support to stop smoking, the Change Champion courses and a wide range of other initiatives.

Wandsworth Director of Public Health, Houda Al-Sharifi, said: “The Change Champion scheme is a great way to give something back to your community and help yourself and your family at the same time. It can also open doors to training and employment in the future.”

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