Charges lowered for removing bulky waste items

Published: Thursday 28th August 14

Wandsworth residents who need a hand getting rid of large items of household waste can now get them taken away by the council for a reduced rate.

The council has cut its bulk waste removal charge from £22 to £16. For this amount the service will collect four unwanted items like sofas, wardrobes, mattresses and other large objects and arrange for their disposal.

Environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “For residents who cannot easily get to the dump, this is a simple, cheap and efficient way of getting rid of unwanted household items like old bits of furniture.

“For this new lower price we will collect up to four large items, so it’s a really cost effective way of having these awkward items taken away.” 

To find out more – including what items the service doesn’t cover – and to book a collection visit

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Great, but what do YOU do with them all? Recycle? Landfill?
Barbara Stott

29 August 2014