New astroturf pitch for Surrey Lane youngsters

Published: Monday 30th June 14

Teenagers and young people on Battersea’s Surrey Lane estate will soon be able to show off their footballing skills on a brand new astroturf pitch.

The estate’s existing ball games area near Macey House is being upgraded so that young people have a better and safer surface to play on.

Work is now underway on replacing the existing tarmac covered pitch with a modern astroturf playing surface as part of an £18,000 project. The pitch should be open for use in the next few weeks.

Councillors on the planning applications committee are also being asked to give permission for a £12,000 set of floodlights to be installed so that young people on the estate can still use the pitch after school in the winter months. A decision on this is expected next month.

Wandsworth’s cabinet member for housing Cllr Paul Ellis said: “Young people on the estate are very excited about their new astroturf pitch and say they can’t wait to try it out.

“The new playing surface will be a vast improvement on the previous tarmac covered pitch and if the planners allow us to install floodlights too then this will mean it can be much more widely used, especially in the winter months.

“We have liaised very closely with residents on the estate and the overwhelming view of local people is that this is a good thing for the area. It will give young people a place to play, keep fit and let off steam and once it is fully open we will be looking to organise some coaching sessions so that we can offer some structured activities and help youngsters improve their game.”

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You have not consulted with residents, I live next door to this area and this is the first I have heard about it. Who did you consult and when?
Imogen Brewer

30 June 2014