Councillors back new Doddington homes plan

Published: Friday 27th June 14

Councillors have approved plans to convert a vacant council-owned building in Battersea into homes for homeless families.

The existing two storey building fronting Battersea Park Road on the Doddington housing estate will be converted into six self contained flats – complete with a 400 square metre communal garden.

The flats will be offered to homeless families on a short-term basis until they can be offered longer-term housing. This will avoid the need for these families to be temporarily housed in B&B or hostel- style accommodation.

Three of the new flats will have four bedrooms, one will have three bedrooms and two will have two bedrooms. 

Wandsworth’s cabinet member for housing Cllr Paul Ellis said: “These flats will offer high quality housing for families with children who suddenly find themselves homeless through no fault of their own and urgently need of a roof over their heads.”

Councillors on the planning applications committee approved the proposals at their meeting on June 17.

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