New heritage school awards aim to inspire borough’s school pupils

Published: Wednesday 25th June 14

A new competition will be launched in Wandsworth schools this autumn to encourage and inspire local children to learn more about the borough’s rich history and heritage.

The awards, which are supported by the council’s library and heritage contractor GLL, will be aimed at four age groups, the under eights; eight to ten year-olds; 11 to 16-year-olds and those aged 17 and 18. There will be three prizewinners in each age group.

An eye-catching logo has been designed for the awards

And to coincide with the launch of the project a new logo has been specially created for the competition to celebrate “The story of Wandsworth”.

The simple yet striking logo shows a Viking ship - commemorating a 9th Century raid along the Thames to “Wandles Farm” where the raiders lost some of their weapons in the River Wandle.

On the sail of their longboat appear the symbolic 'tears of the Huguenots', which represents the sorrow of French protestant refugees who were forced to flee their homeland because of religious persecution. The Huguenots began arriving in Wandsworth in 1685 and having found sanctuary here began the dyeing, silk weaving, calico printing and hat-making businesses that the borough would became famous for.

The idea for the competition came at a community meeting at Ravenstone School in Balham late last year and is now being enthusiastically pursued by the new deputy Mayor of Wandsworth Cllr Richard Field.

He said: “I’m thrilled that this very worthwhile educational project is now moving forward. Wandsworth is full of history and this rich and diverse heritage will now be researched, studied and celebrated in this landmark schools competition.“

Both the Council and GLL are keen to support the proposal and sponsorship is now being sought. Anyone wishing to sponsor this initiative is asked to contact Steve Murphy on (020) 8871 8536 or

School pupils wanting to find out more about the borough’s rich and diverse history can find a wealth of information on the council’s website at

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