Pump House exhibition celebrates Battersea charity’s 90th birthday

Published: Tuesday 24th June 14

A new exhibition opens this week at the Pump House Gallery in Battersea Park celebrating 90 years of the Katherine Low Settlement.

Photographs from series FauHaus Gods, 2013. Courtesy of artists and FauHaus Collective.

Artist Faisal Abdu’Allah has created works along with current and past members of the long standing Battersea charity. It also features images by American photographer Linda Hackett Munson.

The works explore the history of the Katharine Low Settlement and wider Battersea through the memories of its members.

The free exhibition runs from June 26 to August 3. The Pump House is open 11am to 5pm everyday except Saturdays when it is closed  for private events.

There will be free family workshops every Sunday from 12noon to 4pm.

For more information visit www.pumphousegallery.org.uk or email info@pumphousegallery.org.uk

The Pump House Gallery is owned and operated by Wandsworth Council and is located in Battersea Park, close to the Nine Elms regeneration area.

For more information about the Katherine Low Settlement, visit www.klsettlement.org.uk or email aaron@klsettlement.org.uk or tweet @klsettlement.

For more information about Faisal Abdu’Allah visit www.faisalabduallah.com

The Linda Hackett Munson images are courtesy of the American Museum in Britain based in Bath.

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