Deadline looms for voter registration

Published: Wednesday 30th April 14

Time is running out for people to register to vote in next month's European Parliamentary and local council elections.

Both elections will be held on Thursday, May 22 but anyone wishing to vote that day only has until midnight on Tuesday, May 6 to make sure their names are on the electoral register.

Polling cards for both elections have been hand delivered to all eligible and registered voters. These provide information and a map showing which local polling station they should use on May 22.

Anyone who believes they are eligible to vote but has not received a polling card can check that their names are on the list by calling Electoral Services on (020) 8871 6023 or by emailing

Residents who filled in and returned their registration forms to the town hall last autumn as part of the annual canvass of voters should be on the register. However anyone who didn’t respond to the canvass, or have just moved to the borough or recently changed addresses within Wandsworth will need to make sure they’ve registered by next week’s deadline if they wish to vote on May 22.

A second deadline also applies the following day for people on the register who want a postal vote. To do so they must submit an application form to the town hall by 5pm on Wednesday, May 7.

This May 7 deadline also applies to anyone who wants to cancel an existing postal vote or proxy facility. To do this they will need to provide a signed letter stating they no longer wish to vote this way.

The polling cards, which were delivered over the Easter weekend, indicate if people have a postal or proxy vote facility set up, giving them time to cancel if they wish.

For further information, and to also download an application form for a postal or proxy vote, visit

People born in this country, along with citizens of qualifying Commonwealth countries, plus those from the European Union and British Overseas territories are all eligible to vote in the local council elections.

Residents who are eligible to vote in the European elections include British citizens, those of qualifying Commonwealth countries and also British overseas territories. 

Citizens of other EU countries, apart from Ireland, Malta or Cyprus, will only be able to vote in the UK’s poll if they have applied to do so – otherwise they would be expected to vote in their country of birth. Those who wish to vote in the UK must fill in a form that is available on the council’s website. The deadline for returning this form to Wandsworth town hall is midnight on Tuesday, May 6.

For more information about registering and details of who is eligible to vote visit

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