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Published: Thursday 27th March 14

Wandsworth residents have until the end of this month (March 31) to put forward ideas and suggestions on the best ways of spending windfall cash ecured from developers to pay for community benefits

The Wandsworth Local Fund (WLF) is a levy the council makes on developers to help pay for the infrastructure needed to support new housing schemes.

The council is asking local people what they think the money should be spent on. Should it be invested in schools, better transport links, improvements to parks and open spaces or in other ways that make Wandsworth a better place to live and work?

So far hundreds of people have completed the online survey, but the council is keen to ensure everyone who wants to comment gets a chance to do so. It’s particularly keen to hear from young people, but views from all residents in every street and neighbourhood are welcomed.

The WLF is the neighbourhood element of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The CIL is mostly spent on strategic large-scale projects, but 15 per cent is earmarked for more local improvement schemes.

The money can however only be spent on projects that do not require on-going or continuous funding.  

Council leader Ravi Govindia said: “There is a lot of regeneration work happening in Wandsworth and this is delivering thousands of new homes and jobs. This is good news for the local economy and also for the job prospects of young people living in the borough.

“Our aim is to make sure that these benefits are also enjoyed by the wider community. We want to make sure that the WLF money we receive from developers brings tangible improvements to the lives of everyone living in our borough.

“Those who are best placed to tell us what those benefits should be are the people who live in Wandsworth. They know better than anyone the kinds of smaller localised projects that will make a positive difference to their neighbourhoods.”

The council is also asking neighbourhood groups, residents’ associations, local amenity groups, young people, schools, colleges and local businesses to come up with ideas and suggestions. Later this year a shortlist of schemes and projects will be drawn up and people will be asked to choose which ideas they like best.

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Margaret Gumbrell

28 March 2014