Putney primary schools among the best says Sunday Times

Published: Thursday 27th March 14

Parents who want their children to attend the country’s best primary schools should consider moving to Putney, according to The Sunday Times.

The newspaper is currently running a detailed survey listing the “Best places to live in Britain”.

And this weekend’s edition said Putney was in the top ten places in the country for the quality of its primary schools. It singled out St Mary’s, Our Lady of Victories and Brandlehow as superb local schools that any parent would aspire to. 

The newspaper’s plaudits for schools in Putney coincides with the announcement that three more Wandsworth primaries have been judged ‘outstanding’ by education inspectors.

Gatton, Hillbrook and Sheringdale have all joined the elite ranks of schools rated outstanding by Ofsted.

The borough’s tally of good or outstanding schools now stands at 95 per cent - making Wandsworth one of the top five best performing local authorities in the country.

This 95 per cent score covers all the borough’s primary, secondary and special schools. In comparison only an average of 74 per cent of schools in other parts of the country and 80 per cent in London have been found to be good or outstanding by Ofsted.

Schools spokesman Cllr Kathy Tracey said: “Schools across Wandsworth are among the very best in the country. The Sunday Times has highlighted three excellent schools in Putney, but others in the area – namely Hotham, Granard, St Joseph’s and All Saints - are also judged good or outstanding by Ofsted. 

“This wide ranging success is the result of the hard work of all those who are involved in education in the borough. They are all committed to driving up standards and delivering the very best quality of teaching and learning.

“I would like to pay tribute to the head teachers, governors, teachers, support staff and education officials in the town hall who all work very closely together to ensure that children in Wandsworth are offered the highest standards of education.”

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