Free Christmas tree recycling

Published: Tuesday 31st December 13

Christmas trees will be recycled for free from Thursday (January 2) as part of the council’s regular refuse and recycling service.

Recycled trees are shredded and turned into compost.

Leave your tree at the front of your property where it can be clearly seen. Residents are strongly advised not to leave trees on pavements unless there is nowhere else at the front of their property to leave it. Trees should only be left out on normal collection days and not before.

Residents who live in blocks of flats should leave their trees near to their refuse bin store, making sure they do not block access to the bin store.

You can also take your tree to the Household Waste and Recycling Centre at Smugglers Way, Wandsworth.

There will be no refuse and recycling collections on New Year's Day. Refuse will be collected the following day instead

January 2 collections will be made on January 3, and if your rubbish is due to be collected January 3, it will be collected on Saturday January 4 instead. The normal timetable will be fully restored on Monday, January 6.

For more information about refuse and recycling services over the New Year break, visit Christmas and New Year collections.

Please ensure you recycle as much as possible over the new year period. Plastic and glass bottles, dry paper and card and plastic food trays can all be recycled. For details of what can and cannot be put in orange bags and banks, visit

Leftover food cannot be recycled and should be put in with normal rubbish. For tips on how to avoid wasting excess food go to

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Recent comments

My family and several neighbours put Christmas trees out on Friday 10th January (our collection day) ours was ignored so I balanced it top of the hedge but it toppled into the street. It was removed a few days later but others in the street were ignored. We've had a particularly bad year - what went wrong please?
Susanne Mitchell

27 January 2014

Our christmas tree has been left outside our house for over 2 weeks now. I have emailed my address using the above intructions and it is still there. Please inform.

23 January 2014

This morning I asked one of the refuse collectors why they weren’t taking the trees that had been left on the pavements in Wilna Road and was told it was for the street cleaners, not their job. Please will you sort this out? 2 of those trees have been there for 2 weeks or more, their instructions don't match your promise. Thank you.
Celia Blair

16 January 2014

My tree has not been collected after xmas. Myself and my neighbours have both emailed wandsworth council about this and nothing has been done!
ms Tavares

15 January 2014

Our tree was not collect from our front garden and now has not been collected from the pavement outside our house. Please collect it!

14 January 2014

Your vehicle reg number VU06 TGF just came down our road in Balham. They picked up the tree that had been left on the road opposite our house and ignored our tree which had been left in our front garden (as advised). When I asked one of your operatives what was going on he said he would go to his vehicle and check his roster. He got in the lorry and drove off. NOT ACCEPTABLE!
Longtime resident

13 January 2014

Side streets in Earlsfield are in a mess because the promise has not been kept. There are upwards of a dozen trees left on the pavements of Inman Road. The pavements now have additional needle drop to add to the debris. Why make promises you don't keep WBC?
Celia Blair

12 January 2014

Trees not collected last week on rubbish collection day, and not collected this week either - can you please give us an idea of when they will go?
Chrissi Robinson

10 January 2014

We understood from your instructions that trees would be collected on the normal rubbish collection day. However my tree is still there waiting since last Friday -= as are several others. What has happened?
Merilyn Potter

7 January 2014