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Published: Friday 20th December 13

People who have not filled in their voter registration forms are being urged to do so over Christmas.

If no form has been received from your property, and there was no answer on a previous visit, council staff will make a final call in early January.

Returning your form now will prevent the council having to print yet another reminder form and make a visit to your home, saving council tax payers’ money.

By law, everyone must complete a voter registration form each year, even if they don’t intend to vote. Failure to do so could lead to a fine.  Do not assume you are registered because you have voted before, or pay council tax.

You will need to be registered to be eligible to vote in the council and European Parliamentary elections on May 22, 2014.

Registering to vote does not mean you are automatically put on the council tax list.

The freephone, online or text re-registration facility is available to households whose details have not changed since last year's canvass. People who choose one of these convenient options must quote the unique reference number contained on their form and follow the printed instructions.

For more information, call (020) 8871 6023, email or visit

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I would like to register my name on the electoral roll as I'm no eligible to vote
Ernest Yawson

1 April 2014

Registering to vote at my new address.
Emmanuel Boateng

11 March 2014

Oops! I was wrong! It is a legal requirement to respond to your annual registration form. Failure to respond is an offence which could lead to a fine of up to £1000 and/or six month's imprisonment.
Celia Blair

26 December 2013

As far as I can see WBC has no legal right to fine people for not registering to vote - as is reported in the local press that they plan to do. The Electoral Commission says, "you’re on the register you’ll have the chance to vote on it. Remember, registering to vote doesn’t mean you have to, it just means you can if you want to." - See more at:
Celia Blair

26 December 2013