Council to build affordable rent homes

Published: Tuesday 1st October 13

Wandsworth has today unveiled an ambitious plan to build affordable rent homes as part of a return to council housebuilding projects financed by the local authority.

It is anticipated that the proposed building project, based in Battersea, in the Nine Elms regeneration area, will see 22 homes built on the site of disused garages in Deeley Road, 15 in nearby Thessaly Road and 21 at Tidbury Court in Stewarts Road, SW8 - totalling 58 homes for low cost rent.

The plan is the latest step in the local authority’s major drive to create more affordable housing opportunities for local people – a drive which in recent years has seen 250 affordable homes built under the council’s pioneering Hidden Homes initiative.

Council leader Ravi Govindia said the newly-proposed building project clearly demonstrated the local authority’s commitment to providing affordable housing for local residents at a time when demand for housing is outstripping supply.

He said: “This ambitious plan reflects the council’s determination to create more housing opportunities for local people.

“Funding this project allows us not just to ensure a high quality of build but also to control how the properties will be let, enabling us to focus on helping local people needing housing.

“There will be a range of one, two and three bed homes being built, which will give social renters under-occupying access to attractive smaller alternative low cost rent housing and create options for working family households looking to upsize.”

The council believes this development scheme, which early estimates suggest would cost in the region of £7m, will increase the potential for chains of beneficial moves in the local area.

The affordable rent homes will be built in the Nine Elms on the South Bank regeneration area, through which thousands of new jobs, apprenticeships and training opportunities are being created for local people in the months and years ahead, alongside huge improvements to the local transport network.

The council will use money generated through previous Right to Buy sales in the borough to help fund the development of the 58 homes for low cost rent.

Earlier this year, the council launched the Wandsworth Affordable Housing Programme in response to the ever-increasing demand for all forms of housing including low cost rent housing.

The programme will feature a grant giving scheme, which will be one of only a few grant giving programmes being put in place by a local authority to support affordable housing development.

Under this programme, the council will look to secure agreements with development partners whereby, for the council grant available, the maximum number of affordable rent homes are delivered - with the council being given tenancy nominations and relets for those properties.

The affordable housing programme will also enable more housing to be built under the authority's successful Hidden Homes initiative, which sees formerly empty or derelict areas such as old laundries, store sheds, garages, or space on estates prone to crime or antisocial behaviour being used to provide new affordable homes.

In addition to these steps, there are currently several hundred affordable homes planned to date under previously-approved developments in the borough, which will create more housing opportunities for local people.

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