Shower units for all sheltered housing residents

Published: Wednesday 14th August 13

Residents living in sheltered housing apartments in Wandsworth are having overhead showers installed as part of a £3m investment programme.

The apartments, which are usually occupied by older residents, will each get a modern new shower unit installed above their baths as part of a bathroom upgrade to their properties.

The latest phase of works is costing just under £445,000 and will see improvements carried out at a total of 86 homes.

The apartments are in the Grosse Way sheltered housing block near Putney Heath, Hepplestone Court in Putney Park Lane and Riplington Court in Roehampton.

This phase of works, the second phase of six in total, will commence in October and take around eight months to complete.

The council spends around £50m a year on improving its housing stock, funding a continuous programme of upgrades to roofs, windows, lifts, entry-call systems, CCTV, heating systems, kitchens, bathrooms and communal areas.

This sustained level of investment, combined with the housing department's efficiency as a landlord, has resulted in an 82 per cent satisfaction score among the borough's council tenants - one of the highest approval ratings in the country.

It also means that Wandsworth was able to meet the Government's Decent Homes Standard for all 33,000 properties on its housing estates a full five years before the deadline.

Housing spokesman Cllr Paul Ellis said: "We are providing these shower units in all our sheltered homes because we believe they will offer a real improvement in the quality of life for these residents.

"For some older people taking a shower is much easier and more comfortable than having a bath, so we are delighted that this borough-wide scheme will provide a choice for all our sheltered housing residents."

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I live at flat 61 St Margarets Court, a sheltered housing unit. Because of a minor stroke suffered some years ago I have little upper body strength and am unable to bathe in the conventional manner (ie: lying down in the bath). I have to use a bath seat which requires that I fill the bath (twice a day in warmer months) in order to bathe properly. However, as I pay a fixed sum for heating / hot water whether I use it or not, cost is not a factor. However, a shower unit would be very welcome and I would appreciate knowing when the current programme will be extended to St Margarets Court.
Terry Heard

29 August 2013