Transport plans under the spotlight

Published: Tuesday 6th August 13

Residents and businesses are being asked for their feedback on Wandsworth Council's vision for how transport services should be improved across the borough.

A train at a stationProposals include significant improvements to pedestrian and cycling facilities in all of the borough's town centres, major road surface works and extending the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme. 

Other plans include a 'phase two' extension of the Northern Line which would take the new underground tunnel beyond Battersea Power Station to Clapham Junction.

A redesign of the Wandsworth one way system, Crossrail 2, new cycle bridges across the Thames , new riverbus piers and major capacity upgrades to the Distinct Line, Northern Line and commuter rail services are part of the town hall's vision.

A summary of the proposals is being publicised online at

The aim is to unearth new ideas for improving transport and to build support for major schemes like Crossrail 2, which could provide two new tube stops in the borough.

Russell King, Wandsworth Council's transport spokesman, said:cycling

"We have set out a summary of our current priorities and we want local people to have their say and to share their ideas. Residents and businesses have an intimate knowledge of our transport network and we want to draw out some of that expertise.

"It could be a local change you're after like more cycle parking or a major upgrade like a new rail connection. We will look at every suggestion to see whether it's something we can take forward with you.

"The progress we've made in bringing the Northern Line extension to Battersea shows what can be achieved when a council works with the local community. We want to repeat that success in other parts of the borough."

View the council's transport plans online at and submit your feedback to

Improving transport is central to the council's Building an Even Stronger Wandsworth Campaign. Find out more at


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At age 70, I have lived in Wandsworth for 60 years and have a particular interest in transport.I have read some of the Council reports on transport and listened with interest to Coun Russell King when he addressed a meeting of "Living Streets" recently. Where I differ from my colleagues is that I also use for travel all forms of Powered Two Wheelers -Mopeds,Motorcycles,Scooters,Electric Bicycles etc. Please include these modes in your Transport policy (LIP) and Travel Choices.These modes are developing and deserve wider acceptance in a high population Boro.
Mr Bernd Max Williams

27 August 2013

It is extremely disappointing to see money being poured into Boris bikes, cycle parking and co-operating with TfL-led schemes in the area without any consideration being given to how cyclists will actually GET to the cycle parking/docking station. Consideration MUST be given to providing segregated cycle facilities (not perfect, but Camden has good examples of segregated cycle tracks/semi-segregation on Royal College St), otherwise the safety of cyclists across Wandsworth will be compromised. Pressure TfL to include safe, SEGREGATED cycle facilities in the TfL-led schemes. I object to my council tax being spent on measures to encourage cycling, without any consideration being given to cycle safety while on Wandsworth's roads.
Joy Wigg

8 August 2013

Its a very good idea to bring Northern Line to the battersea Power station to clampham Junction .
Rashidah Katongole

7 August 2013