Parents pledge to go smokefree

Published: Tuesday 30th July 13

A group of Roehampton parents are spearheading council efforts to get the borough’s homes smokefree.

Smoke Free HomesFor the past year the council's public health team has been working with children's centres across Wandsworth to encourage parents and carers to take a Smokefree Homes Pledge - which means children in their home will not be subjected to anybody's second hand tobacco smoke.

Eastwood Nursery School Centre for Children and Families in Roehampton had the most pledges by far - with 78 homes now smokefree.

Three of the mums, Deborah Foot, Nicola Brisley and Wendy Peddar, have taken the scheme to the next step and are now Parent Champions - trained to help and support other parents and carers to take the smokefree homes pledge.  

There is a new on-site stop smoking drop-in clinic at the centre staffed by the council's stop smoking team and one of the newly-qualified Parent Champions. Other outreach clinics are planned for other locations in Roehampton.

Cllr Jim Maddan, cabinet member for health (pictured with the parents and centre headteacher Liz Rook), said:

"This project typifies the work that Eastwood has been doing here in Roehampton to make people's lives better. This is giving people the opportunity to give up smoking and improve the health of their family."

Director of public health for Wandsworth, Houda Al-Sharifi, said:

"We are all extremely impressed by the hard work and dedication of these parents and carers that have taken the pledge, and would like to thank Eastwood's Headteacher, Liz Rook, for all the support she has given to this project.

"We know that passive smoking is harmful to children. It's great if mums and dads give up cigarettes, but pledging to go smokefree is even better, because it means nobody will be smoking around your children in their own home."

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