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Published: Wednesday 24th April 13

The council wants to know what users think of its outdoor gym equipment.

parksThere are four outdoor gyms in Wandsworth, in York Gardens, Heathbrook Park (pictured) and Shillington Park in Battersea, and Furzedown Recreation Ground in Tooting.

The gyms are a chance for people to exercise for free in the open air, without needing to join a gym or use a leisure centre. They are aimed at adults, but can be used by anyone.

They have been installed over the past few years with funding from the Marathon Trust and WREF Trust, in association with the Battersea Crime Prevention Panel and the Furzedown Community Network.

The council wants to make sure they are fulfilling their purpose of helping people keep fit and active, and find out how and why they are being used, and if users are happy with the facilities provided.

Outdoor gyms are part of a range of leisure and sports facilities available in borough parks.

The borough boasts 1,600 acres of parks, commons and open spaces - the largest proportion for any inner London authority and almost five times the size of Hyde Park.

Other sports and fitness facilities in parks include trim trails, athletics tracks, a lido, tennis courts, sports pitches playgrounds and bowling greens. Find out more at

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Recent comments

I'm a Balham resident and I totally support the suggestions of outdoor gyms on Tooting Bec and/or Wandsworth Commons. However, if the overgrown pond is the one very close to the corner of Elmbourne Road and Tooting Bec Road, I think that's a bit too close to traffic for the self conscious and fume avoiders. Ditto anything too close to Trinity Road traffic. There are a lot of pensioners in the borough (my mum for one) who would love to get fitter but due to arthritic knees feel restricted in what they can do. The machines that I've seen in the outdoor gym in Turnpike Lane (near where I work) would be ideal for people who need low impact activities.
Valerie Marisca

20 July 2013

I think these are great and provide facilities for people who don't like the usual gym environment or the costs. I'm not sure how many people use them all but i only heard by word of mouth and not through any notices from the council or on the newsletter emails. Maybe promoting them a little more will encourage more people to get active and improve their fitness

3 July 2013

I would like to see an outdoor gym installed on Tooting Bec Common. Many local people use this area for exercise and it would add tremendously to the common. I suggest the location is the old desserted pond which is now overgrown, an eyesore and hotpsot for street drinkers. The pond area could be resurfaced, the boardwalk around it become a running track, new ligrthing installed and an outdoor gym area erected. I expect it would be used a great deal by my family and many other enthusiasiatic residents in the area. I would be interested in finding out if this is a viable project. Tooting Bec Coomon is the largest of the green spaces and lascks such facilties. It seems obvious. kind regards Georgina
Georgina George

15 May 2013

What about fixed ping pong tables like there are in Burgess Park? This is fun and sociable -just take your own bats and balls --good for all ages too.
Leonie Noble

26 April 2013

Love them - can we have more on wandsworth common please !

25 April 2013

I notice that none of these facilities are available in the west of the borough, shame on you wandsworth council!
Valente Panattoni

25 April 2013

I'm a massive advocate of the outdoor gyms. Accessible to all and promotes physical activity outdoors - good for physical and mental health! I've got a couple of ideas on locations for more outdoor gyms and I would be interested in working with Wandsworth Council on any funding applications if this was being considered. For what it's worth I'm not sure that induction sessions are the answer for increasing use (not that I have the answer for what is!). Final point - be worth having a 'any other comments' section on the survey so people can write what they want rather than need to put it on the website. Feel free to get in touch, Sarah

25 April 2013

Hello. I think it is very good and beneficial to have this equipment is the parks free of charge. The downside is that perhaps people need a little guidance or motivation at the begining. One can feel a little silly the first time. Perhaps hiring a qualified trainer for few hours for a few weeks to show how to get the best of the equipment (only during the most probable times the equipment being used) could boots their usage.
Alexis Correa

25 April 2013