Half price parking for Tooting

Published: Friday 5th April 13

Shoppers heading to Tooting town centre can enjoy half price parking as part of a new initiative launched by Wandsworth Council.

The town is hall has slashed the hourly parking tariff in a key network of town centre streets from £2.30 to £1.10 as part of a six month pilot scheme.

Tooting's half price parking zoneThe move comes in response to pleas from local business leaders who have asked councillors to cut parking charges in order to attract shoppers and boost trade.

A report on the changes stated: "The network of streets proposed for the experimental scheme is within a few minutes walk of Upper Tooting Road and is likely to be of great benefit to the independent traders in this part of the town centre."

The roads affected include parts of Blakenham Road, Eswyn Road, Gassiot Road, Chasefield Road, Cowick Road, Coteford Street and Lessingham Avenue.

Detailed surveys have shown there is enough spare parking capacity in these roads to ensure that local residents who wish to park near their homes should not be adversely affected.

Transport spokesman Cllr Russell King said: "We want to do all we can to support local business and attract shoppers to the town centre.

"We listened very carefully to the case put forward by representatives of the business community and as a result we will be offering discounts on parking in this network of town centre streets.

"The cost to shoppers will be reduced by more than half. We hope they take full advantage of this and that local businesses benefit from an increase in trade.

"We are also satisfied that these changes can be accommodated without causing any undue parking problems for residents of these streets. We would not have been able to agree to this change if they were going to suffer any adverse effect."

The cost of the pilot scheme is estimated at £35,000 and its effect will be evaluated after six months.

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Recent comments

So finally Wandsworth council have seen sense and realised they can't keep ripping off motorists as they won't pay. I use to go shopping in Tooting but now don't bother because of the high parking charges. In fact when I visit family I time my visits so I don't have to pay which coincides with shut shops. I live in another London Borough and my council charges half the amount Wandsworth does but gets more money from motorists as a result.

28 June 2013

This is wrong thinking. You need to get the quality of shops right to attract people. Chicken shops and shabby cut price stores will not draw in trade.

22 April 2013

£1.10 an hour is still far too much, and you risk getting a £65 fine if you accidentally overstay. Dorking, with a far better range of shops than Tooting, only charges 50p an hour in the town centre, and there's plenty of free on-street parking. The council there wants businesses in the high street to thrive, while Wandsworth Council charges a ridiculous £820 for a business permit. Wandsworth Council has a Business Unit, run by burocrats, which claims to help people start up a business. It's certainly got a Parking Department which helps businesses to close down.
T Haskey

14 April 2013

I do not visit Tooting due to the parking situation and charges. Although this will encourage people to visit, there is a general lack of parking space in Tooting in general. I don't think this will change my mind.
E.A. Waterman

14 April 2013

The way the Council represent themselves as the saviours of the situation is hilarious when it was they who introduced this unnecessary parking scheme in the first place. Perhaps also the Council should explain why the cost of their having to cave in and halve the cost of parking will cost council tax payers a staggering £35,000. It is time this persecution of motorists stopped and Wandsworth Council ceased using parking revenue (a whopping £28 million last year) to boost their coffers. They should simply be honest and raise the council tax if this extra revenue is required. As a recent article in the London Evening Standard said about Westminster Council, and it could apply equally to Wandsworth, 'the council has become a car parking company with a sideline in municipal government'.
Duncan Fox

13 April 2013

Hurray, finally a council that recognises that parking costs ruin local economy's Lets hope they extend this to all the Wandsworth shopping areas and maybe even go a step further and provide 20 mins of free parking to everyone. That might help reduce the number of vacant shops around

12 April 2013

This is no 'new initiative' by the Council , simply an abject climbdown by a vain council who are using the huge income from parking as a hidden way of keeping the council tax low so that they can represent themselves as the lowest council tax charging borough in the country. This is the only thing they're really interested in andui now they're being found out. Hence this climbdown.
Rob Taylor

11 April 2013

The damage is already done This exercise is a total waste of time If you want to help the shop s you need to introduce free parking for restricted Hours I live and run a business in wandsworth there is no shortage of parking

9 April 2013

I'm disappointed by the council's unenlightened decision to cut the cost of parking in selected streets near Upper Tooting Road. I've lived in Eswyn Road near the junction of Blakenham Road for a number of years and the traffic, especially at weekends, is heavy. There are few if any available parking spaces except early in the morning and after the shops close in the evening, which makes me question the level of precision in the 'detailed surveys' that were apparently conducted in the area. I am concerned that the council is promoting more driving and traffic congestion in Tooting instead of encouraging those who are able to walk to the shops or use public transport.

5 April 2013