Don’t get hit with a bank holiday parking ticket

Published: Thursday 28th March 13

Motorists are being advised to take special care where they park their cars on bank holidays over the Easter weekend.

Drivers can park for free for as long as they like in marked out bays in the borough's controlled parking zones on Good Friday and Easter Monday. They will not need to purchase a pay and display ticket, pay-by-phone or display a parking permit. 

But they should avoid parking on a yellow line on these two days. Although both are bank holidays - yellow line restrictions still apply.

This is because yellow lines are situated at locations where parked vehicles could be a hazard or cause an obstruction.

Drivers who leave their cars in parking bays that are only partially available throughout the day should check the signs carefully to avoid staying there when the yellow line restrictions do come into force. These bays are mainly found in bus lanes.

Motorists who obstruct driveways or park unlawfully in doctors' bays or mandatory disabled bays may also be penalised. Similarly drivers should not park across dropped kerbs. These are found on virtually every street corner and allow disabled people and parents with pushchairs to safely cross the road. As well as receiving a penalty notice, vehicles that breach any of these rules could also be towed away
The council's environment and community services director Tony McDonald said: "All yellow line restrictions remain in force on bank holidays if the rules would normally apply on that day of the week.

"Drivers can check the days and times these restrictions are in force by looking at the large signs that mark the entrance to all controlled parking zones or the small yellow signs attached to adjacent lampposts. These will tell you the days of the week and the hours of the day when the yellow line rules will be enforced.

"If the sign says that parking is restricted Monday to Friday then that will include all bank holidays that fall on those days."

Motorists using the car parks in Battersea Park will still need to buy a pay and display ticket or pay-by-phone on the festive season bank holidays. There is no free parking in the park at any time.

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