Free exhaust checks cut pollution

Published: Friday 22nd March 13

Motorists are being offered free emissions tests as part of the council’s on-going efforts to improve air quality.

The testing will take place from 10am to 4pm on Wednesday (March 27) and Thursday (March 28) next week in the Asda car park in Clapham Junction town centre.

The aim of the free exhaust testing is to pinpoint vehicles with engines that are not performing to the optimum level and may need a service or repair so that pollutants are kept to an absolute minimum.

The testers will offer to identify vehicles which would not meet the current MOT standard and can give owners advice about vehicle upkeep and servicing.

Advice on how to reduce vehicle emissions and make savings on running costs will also be available, including the council's 'Smarter Driving Tips' leaflet.

Practical tips that can help reduce emissions include removing unnecessary weight from the car, switching off the air conditioning and pumping tyres up to the correct pressure.

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This is a welcome news! I'm very pleased with this project by the Wandsworth Council to improve the air quality in the Borough. I hope that the Council would also deal with smoking in public places because I see it as air pollutant. Thanks and more power to you.
Quero De Seliva

23 March 2013