Exhibitions for new Ram Brewery proposal

Published: Tuesday 20th November 12

Residents can find out more about a new proposal to redevelop the Ram Brewery site in Wandsworth at two public exhibitions.

Minerva Limited wants to redevelop the historic site in the centre of the town - creating 669 new homes and generating 500 new permanent jobs and 370 construction jobs.

The proposal would see 166 homes built within a 35-storey residential tower, as well as more than 9,500 square metres of space dedicated to new shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.Ram Brewery proposal - artist's impression

In addition, Minerva is proposing to restore and refurbish historic buildings within the site and include a micro-brewery and a brewing museum as part of the completed scheme.

Under the proposal, the River Wandle would be opened up and landscaped to provide public access along a new riverside walk.

Public exhibitions are being held at the Ram Brewery site on Thursday, November 29, from 4.30pm to 7.30pm and on Saturday, December 1, from 9.30am to 12.30pm to give residents a chance to view the plans and talk to the development team.

The ongoing £1bn regeneration of Wandsworth Town shows no sign of slowing down. Last month, Debenhams announced a plan to establish a new store as part of a forthcoming £40m phase of redevelopment at Southside Shopping Centre.

That announcement came just days after Wandsworth Council gave the go-ahead for the long-vacant Lyon House office block in Wandsworth High Street to be redeveloped to create new homes and shops.

Councillor Ravi Govindia, leader of Wandsworth Council, said: "As well as creating homes, business space and jobs, town centre developments also generate financial contributions towards the Wandsworth one-way system redesign project.

"We believe that switching part of the gyratory back to two-way working would relieve pressure on the high street and help it really flourish."

A summary of Wandsworth Town 's major investment sites includes the following:

Completed Schemes -

  • Ipsus01 (residential)
  • Barratt (residential)
  • South Thames College redevelopment
  • Wandsworth Town Library
  • Wandsworth Museum
  • Alma Hotel
  • Southside Shopping Centre Phase 1  
  • Wandsworth Town Station upgrade and new entrance

Currently on site -

  • Battersea Reach (mixed residential / retail / commercial)
  • Osiers Road (residential)
  • Riverside Quarter (mixed residential / retail / commercial)
  • Wandsworth Business Village (mixed residential / commercial)
  • Cockpen House (mixed residential / retail / commercial)
  • Southside Shopping Centre Phase 2
  • Sainsbury's Garratt Lane (mixed hotel / retail)

Plans approved, about to start -

  • East Hill Hotel



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Recent comments

The fact that people don't want this to go ahead is unbelievable. This a great opportunity for the area. Cease the petty squabbling - who cares if the building is a little too tall for people.... good lord, try going to New York. Buildings like this add something to the skyline and something for the area to be proud of.
Malcolm Caborn

5 May 2013

I would like to know if there will be shared ownership opportunities within this new Minerva development and when they will be, Many thanks
Charlotte Pennington

31 January 2013

Great news about the development and disagree that the tower will be too high. Think focus should be specifically given to the traffic flow around Wandsworth however as this will mean the difference between a good development and a great development for the area. The high-street needs to be treated in the same way that Old York Road was with the South Circular diverted round meaning it becomes a safer area for everyone and the businesses benefit from higher footfall and increased trade.
Wandsworth Resident

14 December 2012

I have looked further at this development and, as usual, the council planning committe are trying to get a high density, high rise residential redevelopment through by misrepresenting the facts. If you want to see what it will really look like go to the Wandsworth Planning part of their website and take an hour or two to find the actual architects plans. Only then will you see the scale of the tower block and other buldings. All the other images and videos of resurrected rivers and saved brewery buildings is a side show. As usual Councillor Cuff and his team are trying to avoid telling the local public what the scheme is really about.
Dan Bown

2 December 2012

housing block seems high will dominate whole area
melvyn smith

30 November 2012

These plans look great. Wandsworth Town will become a destination in south London. Can't wait until construction begins.

24 November 2012

Here we go again. The same developers taking the same old approach. 35 stories is very high. Twice as high as anything in the area. It will be horrific which is why you will see no sign of the building in any of the photos on this web page or the Minerva website. The developers are hoping no one will notice which is why the exhibition times are for only 6 hours at inconvenient times. The same thing happened at Clapham Junction. Another one of of the Wandsworth Council Planning committee schemes to cram more people into a smaller space.
Dan Bown

23 November 2012

about time that this started to get moving so that the Wandsworth urban environment can be improved.
ian elwes

22 November 2012

In the current climate, could all parties show a sense of urgency so teh old Brewery does not end like the old electricity board complex by Wandsworth bridge standing unused for years.
Mark Tymieniecki

22 November 2012

As former Chair of Wandsworth Challenge Partnership (elected annually for ten years) I ask why councillors, the applicants and local groups have not been able to get together and agree the way forward and avoid petty squabbling in order to get this enormous asset working again for the greater community. More open leadership and less fence sitting is required from councillors in particular.
David Rosemont

22 November 2012

If people cannot get to those days - as I cannot - is there a leaflet I can get or a website address someone can post?
Charles Runcie

21 November 2012