Councillor elected to top housing role

Published: Thursday 27th September 12

Wandsworth’s cabinet member for housing Paul Ellis has been unanimously elected to head a prestigious national housing organisation that represents the interests of tenants in more than half a million council homes up and down the country.

Cllr Paul EllisCllr Paul Ellis has been elected chairman of the Association of Retained Council Housing - a nationwide group that was set up to promote the interests of council tenants and to lobby Government to obtain the best deal for people who live in council-owned properties.

The group's members include more than 60 councils in England - including some of the country's biggest landlords, and represents town halls controlled by all three of the main political parties.

All the members have retained ownership and management of their housing stock after their tenants voted against transferring the management of their homes to either a private company, housing association or resident's organisation.

Wandsworth was one of the founding members of ARCH. In 2005 a record 92 per cent of the borough's tenants voted in favour of retaining the council as their landlord.
Following his appointment Cllr Ellis said: "I am pleased and privileged to take on the role of chairman at such an important time for the housing sector.

"It is absolutely vital for all councils that own and manage housing to have a clear and cohesive voice in shaping the direction of change.

"The welfare reforms and the move to self-financing present huge challenges and opportunities for councils and ARCH is best placed to make a constructive and meaningful contribution to this debate whilst at the same time driving up the quality of services and delivering value for money to over 600,000 households nationwide."

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No way 92% of Wandsworths tenants voted to keep you in control. So many Resident Associations are treated with nought but contempt. You have your own itinerary if I was a council tenant I'd be very worried. Look at the 60k limit, all your interested in is selling council properties. To the point buyers are pretty well blackmailed into buying or moving into the hands of the private sector. Council rents are not subsidised, how can they when the council inherited a lot of stock. Costing them nothing!
Guy Sunda

5 April 2013