Potential cycle hire locations unveiled

Published: Wednesday 26th September 12

A map showing the potential locations for new Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme Docking Stations across the north of Wandsworth can now be viewed on the council’s website.

The proposed sites have been selected by Transport for London (TfL) with the help of the council and hundreds of local residents who took part in a public consultation earlier this year.

Residents can view the map and a list of the proposed locations is also available online.

The locations highlighted on the map are just proposals at this stage. TfL will provide local people will have further opportunities to influence the final site selection, and all sites will be subject to planning permission.

The scheme's expansion is expected to take place by spring 2014 - giving thousands of local people a new and exciting travel option.

The next step is a series of public engagement events beginning next week where TfL and council officers will be on hand to explain more about the scheme and why each docking station site has been suggested:

  • Saturday 6 October, 4-6pm, Putney Exchange Shopping Centre, Putney High Street, SW15 1TW
  • Tuesday 9 October, 12-2pm, ASDA, Clapham Junction, 204 Lavender Hill , SW11 1JG
  • Tuesday 9 October, 4-6pm, Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth Town , SW18 4TF

The council has been long been campaigning for the scheme to be extended into Wandsworth as part of its Travel Choices campaign.  

The enlarged area would include the part of Wandsworth which lies east of Putney High Street and north of the South Circular. Around 60 docking stations would be installed.

The ultimate aim for the council is to have complete borough-wide coverage.  

Council leader Ravi Govindia said: "It's fantastic to see this exciting project moving forward. We've fought long and hard to secure this expansion and we will continue to press for a borough-wide roll out in the months ahead. The jobs not finished until every household in Wandsworth is covered by this scheme.

"Boris bikes will help more people to take up cycling, reduce car use and ease congestion on our buses, tubes and trains. The bikes are convenient, fun, help reduce air pollution and are much cheaper than other forms of public transport. They will be a great addition to our transport system."

To have your say on the possible site locations email transportation@wandsworth.gov.uk

For more information on the council's transport development plans visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/travelchoices


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Recent comments

Why are there no plans for any docking stations in Tooting, Balham and Earlsfield? We are all paying for the scheme so it should be across the whole borough.

5 October 2012

I worry about the increased amount of pavement clutter. I also think you need to locate at more strategis points. One such is outside Dial House on Upper Richmond Road, not too far from Putney Station. There is an uncrowded area of privately owned land. Another good location would be on the Embankment.
Hugh Samuel

2 October 2012

My main concern is the design is asymmetric in the "Chelsea Bridge Pimlico" is the last Westward station on the north bank of the Thames. I would expect stations to track the Wandsworth design by heading westward along the Thames too. For example there would need to be stations just north of Albert Bridge, Battersea Bridge and Wandsworth Bridge and William Morris Way. If you don't do this then effectively "Limerston Street" and Chelsea Bridge are the closest stations to the Wandsworth deployment. This would limit the Wandsworth deployment to mostly west-east journeys in preference to north-south journeys. There needs to be more symmetry to the deploy on the North/South bearing as much the east/west bearing.
Paul Cook

30 September 2012