New contract maintains high standards

Published: Monday 10th September 12

Councillors will be asked to approve a new street cleaning contract next week that aims to maintain and build on the borough’s reputation for having some of the cleanest streets in inner London.

The new seven year deal, worth £3.8m a year, will begin next April and has been drawn up to guarantee that Wandsworth's residential areas, highways and town centres continue to be rated among the capital's cleanest.

Under the terms of the contract, which is set to be awarded to Continental Landscapes Ltd, every residential road in the borough will receive at least two weekly sweeps and cleans. Busy residential roads with a high footfall could be cleaned as many as seven times a week
Town centres like Tooting and Clapham Junction will receive six cleans every day while all others will be cleaned at least three times a day.

Cleaning schedules will be fully co-ordinated with the borough's refuse collection teams so that street cleaners follow close behind dustcarts to ensure that spillages from binbags and any flytips are dealt with speedily and efficiently.

And each Autumn dedicated teams of cleaners will be employed to rapidly remove leaves from pavements and footpaths, ensuring they do not become slippery and dangerous for pedestrians.

Privately owned alleyways which are next to the public highway and often prone to flytipping will continue to be cleared to prevent them becoming eyesores or health hazards. 

The existing bridge and subway cleansing service will also continue. These are regular intensive cleans of walls and pavements in subways and underneath rail and road bridges

Mechanical sweepers will continue to be used to pick up litter and debris from footpaths. These can also be fitted with snowploughs and grit dispensers to clear snow and ice from pavements during cold snaps.

The new contract also requires the removal of unsightly weeds and vegetation from footpaths and pavements.

Continental Landscapes Ltd, which has the street cleaning contract in neighbouring Richmond, beat off competition from rival companies by guaranteeing to meet the town hall's tough and demanding standards on cleanliness at a cost that delivers a saving of £130,000 every year to council tax payers.

The council's environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: "People who live in Wandsworth know that the council attaches huge importance in keeping our streets clean and tidy.

"We have worked extremely hard over many years to provide our residents, businesses and visitors with a clean environment and we are determined to fully maintain that record.

"We have drawn up a rigorous and demanding contract that will deliver clean streets and town centres for the next seven years.

"This has been done with the twin aims of delivering a top quality street cleaning operation and offering our taxpayers the best possible value for money. I'm delighted to say that this deal delivers on both counts."

Last year the council's street cleaners collected more than 9,500 tonnes of litter, detritus and flytipped waste. This included a record tally of 221 tonnes of leaves removed from pavements last autumn. These leaves were all composted and then used in the borough's parks and open spaces.

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Recent comments

I was very glad to read this message -- until I came to the sentence "Mechanical sweepers will continue to be used to pick up litter and debris from footpaths". I know from personal observation that these machines are polluting (both atmospherically and acoustically), inefficient (leaving empty drink cans and other rubbish uncollected, unable to clean under cars), obstructive (blocking the footpath) and dirty (leaving trails of engine oil in their wake). The excellent human street-sweepers are none of these things -- PLEASE do not replace them again with the machines!
Christopher Wightwick

11 September 2012

And maybe pigs will fly? "some of the cleanest streets in inner London."? Not in Earlsfield. Today the street bins in Earlsfield Road were not emptied, nor the litter in bags around them removed. The pavements are rarely swept, the pigeon droppings under the railway bridge are ignored by the "mechanical sweepers", so maybe an improvement can be built into the contract? That would be worth changing contractors for.
Celia Blair

10 September 2012

We hope the new contract will lead to the noise-polluting and ineffective mechnical sweepers disappearing from the borough altogether. Meanwhile, we are delighted to have an effective and quiet human being sweeping our local roads again [Nottingham and surrounds]. He leaves no trails or oil and dirt, which the noisy machine frequently did in its wake, not to mention the litter it failed to pick up. I had to walk in the road to get past a mechanical sweeper on the pavement in Trinity Road last week -- as usual the operator had to keep stopping to pick up the trash it couldn't deal with by hand. Do hope you'll consign the last few machines to the scrapyard soon.
Gillian Wightwick

10 September 2012