Fresh new look for Clapham Junction

Published: Monday 13th August 12

The first stage of Clapham Junction’s street improvement project is now complete leaving behind a more attractive and pedestrian friendly town centre.

 So far the St John's Hill / Lavender Hill junction has been completely remodelled, pavements widened, a new diagonal pedestrian crossing installed and unnecessary street clutter taken away.

This part of the town centre has also been brightened up with high quality granite paving.

Wandsworth Council's cabinet member for strategic planning and transportation Cllr Russell King said:  

"These before and after shots show just how much we've achieve. Pavements are wider, it's much easier to cross the main road and the bright paving gives the area a real lift.

"If we want our businesses to thrive then we have to keep investing in our town centres and create attractive shopping environments where people want to come and enjoy their day.  

"Soon we'll crack on with the next stage of this project which will be St John's Road . Our work will be carefully managed to ensure we keep disruption to a minimum and maintain easy access to the street's shops and cafes." Clap Junc before 1 Clap Junc after 1

Pamela Price, who owns Wessex House bar on St John's Hill said: "It's a big improvement. The streets are decluttered and have a much more open look and feel."  

For more information on the scheme contact Sam Emmett: .


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Will anything be done about keeping this great improvement free of the "phantom" chewing gum droppers?
Richard Shuttleworth

13 August 2012

The improvements to the urban realm in Clapham Junction are to be applauded. I'm delighted to see the diagonal crossing at the main crossroads in Clapham Junction but wonder who is expected to use it. I am a keen walker and reasonably fit but even walking briskly I did not make it across on the green man.
Susan Hoffman

13 August 2012