Finalised Thames Tunnel plans published

Published: Monday 30th July 12

Finalised proposals from Thames Water for the new cross London ‘supersewer’ are now available for public review.

The proposals are due to be submitted for scrutiny by the Planning Inspectorate early next year. This process will determine whether the project can progress to the construction phase, currently scheduled to get under way in 2015/16.

Thames Water has identified 24 preferred construction sites to help build the tunnel, from Acton in the west to Abbey Mills in Stratford in the east. 

The tunnel's purpose is to tackle the 39 million tonnes of untreated sewage that overflows into the river in a typical year when the capital's Victorian sewerage network fills to capacity.

The updated construction designs for the newly-rechristened 'Thames Tideway Tunnel' reflect consultation feedback provided by Londoners since September 2010. This  includes comments received during a 28-day 'targeted consultation' on potential, relatively small changes at four sites (Barn Elms, Putney, Vauxhall and Victoria Embankment), which ended on 4 July 2012. 


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