Travellers ordered off common

Published: Friday 29th June 12

A group of travellers have been given a deadline of 2.30pm today (Friday) to vacate Tooting Common after unlawfully setting up camp there on Wednesday evening.

The travellers were yesterday afternoon (Thursday) served with a formal notice ordering them to leave the common within 24 hours or face prosecution.

That deadline expires at 2.30pm today. Any of the travellers who defy the order will face prosecution and risk having their vehicles towed away.

Camping overnight on any part of Tooting Common, without prior authorisation from the council, is a criminal offence under parks and open spaces byelaws.

The council has the powers to physically remove any person, and their belongings, including vehicles, if they do not comply with the byelaws.

Environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: "The travellers have been given a prompt deadline to leave the common. By acting quickly we have been able to prevent this camp from getting any bigger and ensured that this group is moved on before the common suffers any long lasting damage.

Residents who witness any incident involving travellers on council-owned land are being urged to contact the town hall's emergency response team on (020) 8871 6900. This is a 24 hour service. Occupations of other land should be reported immediately to the police.

The council provides an approved travellers site in Trewint Street, Earlsfield. 

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