Quick clean up after graffiti strike

Published: Wednesday 30th May 12

Staff in the council’s graffiti removal service launched a full scale clean-up operation after the area around one of the entrances to Graveney School in Tooting was covered in a sea of red paint.

The graffiti strewn scene in Welham RoadGraffiti vandals daubed paint all over a section of Welham Road, covering street signs, the road surface, lamposts, barriers, bollards and railings.

Crude and offensive words and phrases were also spray-painted on walls and wooden fences, while the vandals even covered street litter bins from top to bottom.

The vandals, who struck in the early hours of Tuesday morning, caused around £2,000 worth of damage.

However, following an early morning call to the town hall from staff at the school, the graffiti removal service were able to remove all the paint and return the street scene to normal in just a few hours.

They were assisted by staff from the school who painted over wooden fences and cleaned up a garage door belonging to a neighbour, while the council team used its specialist equipment to tackle tougher areas like brickwork, metal surfaces and tarmac

The graffiti removal service is based in the housing department and last year dealt with nearly 1,700 incidents of graffiti across the borough.

In total more than 25,000 square metres of graffiti was cleaned up and removed, including nearly 1,000 square metres that was judged racist, abusive or obscene.

The council has a target of removing all offensive forms of graffiti within 24 hours - and this target was met in 99 per cent of these cases last year.

The service is provided to the public free of charge, and reflects the borough's zero tolerance approach towards graffiti. The service was set up in 1994 to tackle and remove graffiti on private property, in the borough's parks and open spaces and also on local housing estates.

To report graffiti, residents and businesses can use the 24-hour telephone hotline (020) 8871 7049, email graffiti@wandsworth.gov.uk or report it online at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/graffiti. People can also text the word "graffiti" to 07797 805456 telling us where it's located.

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this is shocking behaviour what if a child read one of those rude words and then keep saying it to strangers! Also his/her parents will also be embarrassed and what if the screamed it out in the Church or a Gudwara or any other religious place then what!

13 October 2012

As this appears to be linked to school leavers will the school be paying the £2000 bill?

31 May 2012