Jubilee Festival tickets sold out

Published: Wednesday 23rd May 12

All of the tickets for the Diamond Jubilee Festival in Battersea Park have now sold out, the event’s organisers have confirmed.

The last remaining tickets, which had been set aside for residents living in areas neighbouring the park, have all been snapped up by local people eager to attend the day-long festival on June 3.

The organiser of the event, Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, had released 10,000 tickets for residents in SW11, SW8, SW10 and SW3 through Ticketmaster - but has now announced they have completely sold out.

Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant also provided Wandsworth Council with 10,000 tickets, which have all been distributed free-of-charge via local schools to deserving pupils who live in the borough, to children and young people looked after by the council, to voluntary groups and charities working with older people, to those living in supported housing and to groups who support disabled people.

The Battersea Park event, curated by Hemingway Design and artist Clare Patey, will feature different zones dedicated to design, music, fashion, art, film and food from each of the six decades of the Queen's reign. The festival will begin at 12noon and go on until 7pm.

As well as a great view of the jubilee river pageant, attractions will include:

  • Live music including the Noisettes, The Selector, the Urban Soul Orchestra and the John Miller Orchestra
  • Vintage salons
  • The Alternative Village Fete
  • Classic Car Boot Sale
  • Dance lessons
  • Pearly kings and queens
  • Carters Steam Fair
  • Tea and cakes from the WI
  • Tallest cake competition, 'A Cake in the Clouds'
  • 'The Diamond Geezer' Pop Up Pub


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Recent comments

please I want to battersea,balham and tooting, but I count get them. Please can you send me some please we are 5 people all the family thank you.
nana agyepong

20 July 2012

I agree, there was no accessible information available for local residents on how to get tickets. Wandsworth Council should explain how what efforts were made. Nothing obvious was on the Festival website when I looked.
D Moore

28 May 2012

Same here! I am another Battersea resident who can not buy tickets. I was'nt even made aware that Wandsworth council was selling tickets to Wandsworth residents and Now I find that tickets are being sold on ebay for silly amounts of money I'm disappointed and disgusted in Wandworth councils lack of information for Wandsworth residents !!
C lewis

28 May 2012

I am too a local resiedent and did not find out about the event until too late, and would love a ticket to attend. Find it disappointing that people are allowed to cash in and are selling tickets on e-bay for £100 each!!
Clare Coleridge

28 May 2012

Hi, I am a local resident and desperatley seeking tickets for 2 adults & 2 children, I'm really disappointed in the way these ticket sales were handled and have two very disappointed children now. If anyone has spares please email lrogers@hotmail.co.uk, thank you!
Luke Rogers

28 May 2012

I am a local resident adjoining the park and I didnt even know locals could get allocated tickets. I walk this park 2-3 times and dad and know quiet a few people, yet not one person I know of , or they know of, have been able to get any of these residents tickets. Shame on you wandaworth council

27 May 2012

I am looking for two tickets for my family. Please e-mail me at nicoletta.adda@googlemail.com if you have some spares. Thank you! A comment for the Council and the organisers: the way tickets have been made available is ridiculous as many residents like myself have been left out for having an SW8 postcode which is part of Battersea. The Council should have had total control of it and ensure that all Battersea residents were included instead of leaving it up to some third party. Please take note!
Nicoletta Adda

27 May 2012

Hello, i live next to the park at 100 Warriner Gardens and have been unable to get any tickets for the Jubilee, are there any residents tickets left? It seem a little rediculous that the people who are going to be inconvenienced the most by the festival are not able to get tickets! Please contact me ASAP about this matter
Holly Abbot

25 May 2012

Hello! I'm a local resident also desperately seeking tickets - if you have any spare adult tickets for the festival please please contact me on sarah.bidds@gmail.com. Thank you! Sarah, Clapham Junction

24 May 2012

I am a local resident and do not have tickets for the pageant because there was nothing on Ticketmaster indicating there were spare tickets for residents and on Monday when I tried to book via Ticketmaster it just said they were sold out ! If anyone has 2 adult and 1 child spare tickets please contact me by e-mail on sara@oksol.co.uk - thank you !!!
Sara Alessandrini

23 May 2012