Elliott School – have your say

Published: Thursday 26th April 12

Two further consultation sessions on proposals to fund the refurbishment of Elliott School by disposing of part of the site will be held at the school next month.

  • Thursday 17th May, 5pm -8pm
  • Saturday 19th May 10am - 1pm

Local people will get a further chance to have their say, look at proposals and discuss them with council and school staff.

Residents can also submit comments as part of an ongoing consultation process. The closing date for the consultation on the disposal of part of the school site designated as playing fields is May 25.

Elliott School is a grade II listed building, but is in need of urgent and extensive refurbishment to bring it up to the standard required for a modern school. Without the work, the school will become increasingly unusable.

Previous remodelling plans had to be abandoned following the end of the Building Schools for the Future programme. The council, following discussions with Elliott Trust, proposes to release of a section of the school site designated as playing fields.

The proceeds from the disposal are required to fund the much-needed rebuilding and refurbishment project, in order to secure the future of the buildings and of the school. The disposed portion of the site will be used for high-quality housing, designed to be in keeping with the area.

The council recognises the historical importance of the building and the remodelling project will be carried out in consultation with English Heritage.

From September 2012 it is intended that the school will become ARK Putney Academy - a non-denominational, non-selective school open to all local children. Headteacher Mark Phillips, who has successfully raised standards at Elliott, will continue as its principal.

The council is currently spending many millions of pounds on improving local schools, providing extra places in some of the borough's best performing and most popular ones and also on setting up new schools to give parents even greater choice when it comes to the education of their children.

Around £10m is being spent this year alone on providing additional school places this September and also in 2013, while new primary schools are planned in Putney and Tooting. A brand new free school, the Bolingbroke Academy will be admitting its first seconday age pupils this September.

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What the point on have these talks as you already have taken money off the propotery develpoyers. you dont care about the furtur educational need of sw london as you be long gone. Like same old theatheright ideas of 80s stuff the the rest. it makes me feel sick that this council own care for the top 10% of this borough. Regards
alex grundy

12 May 2012

It will be a shame to say goodbye to Elliott as we know it. It does seem odd that the council will sell playing fields in a school for flats in an Olympic year. It is also a shame that Elliott did not get the BSF money to improve the site or Wandsworth council could not find any money to improve the school. I wonder if Wandsworth council could ask the same fantastic team who found the 13 million for the Bolingbroke site, near Wandsworth common, to look again for Elliott.
Richard Huie

30 April 2012