New IT system delivers big savings

Published: Thursday 26th April 12

The introduction of a new streamlined computer software system to manage the town hall’s personnel and payroll systems could save council taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

The council is replacing a number of separate IT systems with a new single integrated computer system called iTrent, which has been produced by MidlandHR.

The new streamlined system will mean staff can log information more quickly and efficiently and also make it easier for managers to monitor issues like sickness absence and holiday entitlement, while also improving planning for training and recruitment.

One estimate of the potential annual saving for council taxpayers is £300,000. Over the course of the five year iTrent contract these savings could top £1m.

Robert Laban, project manager at Wandsworth Council said: "This innovative system will help the council become ever more efficient as it embraces the benefits of this new technology. As well as offering excellent value for money, it means our people can get on with doing their jobs in the most cost effective manner.

"Once live on iTrent, the council will experience many benefits including a large reduction in data entry and increased confidence that information is accurate and current. As key processes become automated, this will lead to faster, more cost-effective processing, which will free up valuable public funds."

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