Elliott exhibition tomorrow

Published: Monday 16th April 12

Residents wanting to learn more about proposals to fund the much-needed refurbishment of Elliott School can do so during an exhibition tomorrow.

A section of Putney Library will be open between 4pm and 7pm in order to display the proposals - and give members of the public a chance to discuss them with council staff and give their views and comments as part of an ongoing consultation process.  

The council will also be arranging further consultation meetings during May 2012.

The grade II listed Elliott School building is in need of urgent and extensive refurbishment to bring it up to the standard required for a modern school. Without the work, the school will become increasingly unusable.

Previous remodelling plans had to be abandoned following the end of the Building Schools for the Future project. Following discussions between Elliott School's Governing Body and Wandsworth Council, the disposal of a section of the school site was proposed.

The proceeds from the disposal are required to fund a crucial rebuilding and refurbishment project, which will secure the future of the buildings and of the school. The disposed portion of the site will be used for high-quality housing, designed to be in keeping with the area.

Acknowledging the historical importance of the building, the council intends that a remodelling project will be carried out in consultation with English Heritage.

From September the school will become the ARK Putney Academy - a non-denominational, non-selective school open to all local children. Headteacher Mark Phillips, who has successfully raised standards at Elliott, will continue as its principal.

The closing date for the first stage of consultation into the disposal of part of the school site is May 25.

The exhibition in Putney Library, Disraeli Road, takes place on Tuesday, April 17 from 4pm to 7pm.


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Recent comments

Not clear why Ark being invited to take over this school and change it's long standing and historic name. It is the current Head and staff who have made all the improvements, after all! Elliott school has wonderful playing fields which the Council is denying to future generations of children in this shortsighted sale. At the same time it has poured money into a listed hospital building (Bolingbroke) for a free school, another Ark venture, I think.
Longtime resident

17 April 2012

Once the playing fields are sold they can never be reacquired. There is absolutely no way that they should be put on the market. Why couldn't the Council have spent the money it gave to the Bolingbroke for a school which was not needed to rebuild Elliott instead. Doesn't sound like sensible planning to me.
Jane Eades

16 April 2012

It is great to see that Elliot will be getting the much needed building works. A big congratulations to all staff at the school for turning the school around with improved results. It is however a shame that the LA will be loosing such a great school in this area. I just hope that the local children will still be able to access the new school. I was wondering if the word "disposal" is being honset and should not be replaced with "sale"?
Richard Huie

16 April 2012