Met Police team to begin patrolling parks

Published: Friday 30th March 12

A dedicated squad of Metropolitan Police officers will begin patrols across all of Wandsworth’s open spaces from next week.

A new Safer Parks Team comprising two sergeants and ten constables will take up their posts from Monday onwards.

The new Met team will only be used in their core role of patrolling local parks. They will not be available for other police duties in the borough, They would only be called away from the parks if there was a serious London-wide emergency.

The officers are all additional recruits to the borough. The number of existing Met officers covering other policing duties in Wandsworth remains unchanged.

The new squad is being complemented by five additional staff from the council's former parks police service who have been retained for their detailed local knowledge of open spaces and are also available to police public events in Battersea Park and other locations.

To contact the new police team call (020) 8871 7532/6789. In an emergency people should always dial 999.

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