Refuse collection days are changing

Published: Thursday 29th March 12

Most residents across the borough will see their refuse and recycling days changing from next week.

How the changes will affect you

The changes will come into effect from April 2 as the borough's entire refuse and recycling operation moves from six days a week to five.

Residents in Putney and Roehampton will see their collection days switching from Saturdays to Tuesdays.  This means they will no longer have their Saturday mornings disturbed by pick-ups.

People who live in north Battersea will see their refuse and recycling collection days switching to Wednesdays. This will affect people living to the east of Trinity Road and the north of Battersea Rise.

People living to the south of Battersea Rise and the east of Wandsworth Common as far south as Balham High Road will see their collection day change to Fridays.

Homes in Southfields to the east of Wimbledon Park Road will see their collection days change from Fridays to Tuesdays.

Residents living in other parts of Southfields, plus those in Earlsfield and Wandsworth Common will have their collections on Thursdays. This includes those who live in the Southfields "Grid" plus those who live in the "Toastrack" by Wandsworth Common.

Households in most parts of Tooting will see their collection days remaining unchanged on Mondays.

Residents are being strongly advised to confirm their new collection days on the council's website.

Other changes include the introduction of a new fleet of bin lorries with split compartments, which will allow a single vehicle to pick up both refuse and orange recycling sacks at the same time. This is designed to save money in operational costs, reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality levels.

There will also be changes to the way Orange recycling sacks are delivered to households. Residents will receive a supply of three rolls once a year instead of having one roll delivered four times a year. This is designed to cut delivery costs and reduce levels of wastage.

For more information about Wandsworth's waste and recycling services visit


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Recent comments

On Lavenham road, Southfields (by Wimbledon park) - does that mean the collection day is now Thursdays?

3 April 2013

Wakehurst Road should have had a refuse collection today, but it has not been collected. Our whole street has rubbish waiting on it. When will it be collected? thanks

28 September 2012

Just to add to previous comments, I'm very disappointed that there wasn't better communication of this change. A letter to each household would have been appreciated and is the only way to really ensure the message gets across.

2 May 2012

Can you please advvise me what day is the re-cycling ( orange bag day) at Holly Tree Close, Wimbledon ... your web site is unclear and I can not get through on the phone ... Thank you Garry Taylor
Garry Taylor

27 April 2012

please advise why the rubbish has not been collected today? disgraceful service!
rita maclellan

17 April 2012

There is little information behind the reasons for these changes - no doubt cost cutting, acceptable in light of the economy - however most problematic and unhealthy is the apparent lack of thought behind the changes. For the numerous upstairs flats in Battersea, the changes will require us keeping refuse inside during the warmer months - foodstuffs & nappies are going to prove a serious health risk. Can the council consider the placement of large municipal refuse bins within reasonable walking distance of such areas. This is a badly considered move by the Council without consultation or consideration of the potential health (& associated financial) risks.
Celia Tobin

15 April 2012

I echo previous comments. Since the changes to collection days were not effectively communicated, confusion remains this week. Many residents in Balvernie Grove apparently remain unaware, and so did not leave out their refuse and recycling on the correct day this week; as a result, the street is now littered to an unacceptable level. I am very disappointed in the Council's communication strategy and follow-up.

13 April 2012

I or our immediate never received any advance notification of this change. eg flyer through the door letter.

12 April 2012

The rubbish has not been collected today, Tuesday, from Putney Park Lane, certainly not from the upper (southern) part; I notice it has gone from other parts of the estate. What's more, most of it has been there since last Friday night, due to a lot of people not knowing about the change, and the foxes have been strewing it all over the place. Could you please ensure that it's collected tomorrow, or if not, reply to let me know why not?

10 April 2012

I had no notification of the change of rubbish / recycling collection days. When and how was this announced - nothing came through my letterbox of arrived in my inbox. Quite annoying!
Mike C

9 April 2012

after reading eveyone elses comments on the subject of rubbish collection days changing I agree it would have been a good idea to have sent a letter about this to eveyone, we will now have two weeks worth of rubbish to collect, pull your finger out and stop degrading southfields, first the Grid is closed without a fight, now the post office is in danger, what is next ???
Jean Hamilton

7 April 2012

Communication regarding the change of day for refuse collection seems not to have occurred in my street or indeed other parts of Southfields. Fortunately I am able to check your website but my elderly neighbours are dependent on old fashioned methods of communication - that doesn't seem to have happened at all. I'm afraid that the street cleaners will be faced with a big clear up after this weekend!
Mary Mackenzie

7 April 2012

I live on Godley Road, I looked again in my council tax letter and I did not see any leaflet in the change of rubbish collection times. Also according to this site we are due for a Thursday instead of Wednesday, so how come the collection was done on Friday?
Erwin Tiglao

6 April 2012

I understand that you changed collection days from April 1st (no April Fool). I live in Thurleigh Road and it seems our day changes from Weds to Friday. As Friday this week is a bank holiday will our rubbish be collected? I hope so - otherwise seems a daft time to make the change.
Sheila Denney

5 April 2012

Your communication strategy failed and there is rubbish all over our street like so many others. Perhaps this failure can be of some use to you next time you need to communicate something important and a more effective technique could be used? Like a letter through the door?

5 April 2012

Regardless of the inserts with council tax bill, advertising on the side of lorries etcetc. You should have posted an individual letter through our post boxes. It's bad enough when people leave their rubbish out overnight for one night but this will be four nights. The foxes are having a field day. Let's be honest, how many people check the councils Facebook page and twitter feed - would have to be a really slow day at work! Send important information by post in an individual letter.

4 April 2012

Just found out our collection has changed to Fridays!! Rubbish in the roads by the morning I should think with the foxes,I'm guessing this new firm works on bank holidays,because if not that would mean 10 days without a collection....Joke management. P.S wasn't notified of any changes

4 April 2012

I have just witnessed the new refuse collection and was astounded that there were only three refuse men (and that included the driver who had to get in and out of the lorry every few yards). It must have taken the lorry at least 8 times as long as it used to and the team working and efficiency didn't seem to be there - not surprising when there is not really a team just a couple of people plus a driver. How many people have lost their jobs through this new contract?
Katy Newman

4 April 2012

Lots of publicity was produced to try and get the message across. The info appeared on this website and many community websites as well on the council's Facebook page and its Twitter feed. It was published in the local Guardian and on its website and also in the last two editions of the council's magazine BrightSide, which is hand delivered to 125,000 homes. Leaflets were sent to all residents with their council tax bills last month, while large banners were placed on the sides of our refuse trucks and details sent to all neighbourhood watches to be passed on via their networks. While it is regrettable that the message has not got through to everyone, the council has in fact made very full and reasonable efforts to inform people.
Council press officer

4 April 2012

the rubbish & recycling have not been collected this week.
Mrs Spence

3 April 2012

I believe that the my street did not know of this change of day for the rubbish collection. It would have been better if we were told, now most people will leave the rubbish and recycling bags on the street until it is collected. This is because they have had to put their bags on the pavement because in the past the collectors did not collect bags not on the pavement and is now a common practice.
Mrs mh

3 April 2012

Same comment as the others. Do not recall seeing any advanced notice of this change or receiving anything through the door to advise of the change. Most people in our block are probably not up when the collectors come anyway so wouldn't have seen anything written on the trucks if there was something. What else are you going to do without telling us - let Tesco open up yet another store unchallenged? Ah, yes - that's right - you've done that already.

3 April 2012

I was about to contact Wandsworth Borough to let them know that our household refuse was not collected yesterday (Monday). Nearly all of the households in my road have put their rubbish for collection. I now see that the refuse collection day has been changed to Thursdays. I cannot remeber being informed of this change and now there is rubbish all over the road. The foxes from the local cemetry have been rummaging through the rubbish bags.
Laurence Ying

3 April 2012

Pretty poor communication... Why were we not told this would happen? A letter through the post might have been useful – you seem pretty good at telling us at Christmas what changes are likely. I'm sure no one checks the website on a weekly basis to check what day rubbish is being picked up on... Are we likely to get notice of when orange recycle bags are going to be picked up?

3 April 2012

Dear All, I am currently living in 166-168 Battersea Park road. As this is a commercial road, we used to have black bags collection every day. Is this going to change? It is not clear from your website. you are talking about waste and recycling collection (orange bags) which will be on wednesday from now onwards but not mentioning about the black ones. Could you please clarify? Thanks a lot Daniele
Daniele De Bosini

2 April 2012