Refuse and recycling changes from Monday

Published: Wednesday 28th March 12

Residents will see a new-style five day a week refuse and recycling service from next Monday onwards.

Changes to the borough's refuse and recycling arrangements will come into effect from April 2.

The refuse and recycling service will run between Mondays and Fridays instead of the current six day a week operation. This means that residents in Putney and Roehampton will no longer have pick-ups on Saturday mornings.

Bringing Saturday morning collections to a close will mean less disturbance for residents in the west of the borough and also less congestion on local roads from refuse vehicles.

A new fleet of bin lorries with split compartments is also being introduced which will allow a single vehicle to pick up both refuse and orange recycling sacks at the same time. This is designed to save money in operational costs, reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality levels.

There will also be changes to the way Orange recycling sacks are delivered to households. Residents will receive a supply of three rolls once a year instead of having one roll delivered four times a year. This is designed to cut delivery costs and reduce levels of wastage.

The move to a new Monday to Friday service means that collection days are changing across the entire borough.

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