Council tax frozen for fifth year running

Published: Friday 24th February 12

Wandsworth's share of the council tax is set to be frozen for the fifth successive year at its budget council meeting on 7 March.

It means the cost for the average Band D property will be £684, which is set to be the UK's lowest and around half the London average.

The council is thanking residents for their part in driving down costs - for example by increasing recycling rates which has helped save £700,000 a year. Wandsworth no longer sends any waste to landfill, instead sending non recyclable waste to the Belvedere Energy to Waste plant which generates electricity. More people are also using online services, saving £500,000 a year.

Last year Wandsworth saved taxpayers £30 million in total.  It is doing its bit by cutting management and office costs, making it easier for people to self-service online and is getting better prices on contracts.

The authority is also thinking innovatively to protect services - for example by looking to see whether outside providers could run our libraries more effectively and at lower cost.

"In these tough economic times our residents can be assured that we will do everything possible to protect vital services while keeping council tax bills low," a council spokesman said.

Wandsworth recently launched an 'Open Council' section of its website where residents can easily see how the council performs on issues ranging from the progress of pupils in maths and English to roads maintenance. The information is available at

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