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Published: Friday 24th February 12

The council’s licensing team are consulting the public over plans by Sainsbury’s to sell alcohol 24 hours a day at their store in Clapham Junction.

The supermarket has applied for a licence to sell alcohol around the clock seven days a week at their branch in the concourse of the railway station.

A public consultation is now underway and will continue until Friday March 9, giving local residents the chance to voice their opinions on the supermarket's plans.

People who wish to comment should email or write to Environmental Services and Community Safety, Wandsworth Town Hall, London SW18 2PU.

Comments must relate to one or more of the four licensing objectives as laid down in the current legislation. These are:

 The prevention of crime and disorder
 The protection of public safety
 The prevention of public nuisance
 The protection of children from harm

For more information about licensing laws and what to do if you are experiencing problems from licensed premises visit


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I am very much opposed to the plan by Sainsbury's at Clapham Junction to sell alcohol 24 hours a day. The provision of alcohol 24 hours a day will make it more difficult to prevent crime and disorder, and it will lead to a lesser degree of public safety. Additionally the 24 hour provision will exacerbate the probability of public nuisance in the local area. And, whether we like it or not, some children, especially the most vulnerable children, will get a greater exposure to potential harm with 24 hour provision of alcohol.
Bill Trimble

29 February 2012

why shouldn't there be sales of any product 24 hours per day if a store is open?? the majority of people should never be penalised because of the behavior of a minority too many rules and regulations are not the answer to societies problems; we need to nurture children for the very beginning with manners and morals in order for them to grow up into responsible adults---sadly there seem to be very few sensible role models out there;

27 February 2012

Local groups have been asking for years for alcohol free areas and only now is the Council prepared to consider them. Alcoholism is on the rise. We are suffering police cuts. We really do not need 24 hour access to the purchase of alcohol . It is totally unnecessary. On occasion Clapham Junction can have its problems, and we certainly cannot spare police to deal with any fall-out from such a licence. The Licencing Committee should say no to such a request.
susan lofthouse

25 February 2012