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Published: Thursday 23rd February 12

The plans of the new Putney primary school on the Putney Hospital site can now be viewed online.

To view the plans search the planning applications database. Enter the application number 2012/0758.

The sale of the hospital site has now been completed, and ownership handed over from NHS Wandsworth to the council.

The council has also entered into an agreement with the Commons Conservators to allow access across the common, and for common land to be used during demolition and construction work. A piece of land in Stag Lane will be sold to the conservators to make up for it.

The school will be an academy, which means that it will be independent of local authority control. It will provide 420 primary places from 2015 for children living in the west of the borough.

The scheme also includes 24 flats at the northern end of the site for which planning permission was obtained in July 2010.  Proceeds from the sale of the flats will help pay for the school.

Putney Hospital, which is situated on the eastern edge of Putney Common, closed services to patients in 1998. It has remained vacant ever since.

View details of the school scheme at an exhibition at All Saints Church, Putney Common on Monday, March 19 from 3pm to 7pm. Representatives of the council and the architect will be on hand to answer questions.

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Your statement says that land in Stag Lane will be sold to the Conservators. This is incorrect. The actual agreement according to WPCC is or an exchange. Please ensure that the actual agreement is made available on the planning website. Please also state the value of the land in question and any buildings to be erected before transfer.
Nicholas Evans

16 June 2012

Thanks for the leaflet about the proposed new school which is very near our home. I would like to say that in a very attractive area mostly made up of classic and pleasant Victorian houses, this brutal box design , reminiscent of a hideous 70's style building, would look well out of place in the surrounding area. In addition, we're very concerned about the probable huge amount of extra traffic that would be generated as the proposed school is far from any station , except Barnes .
Julia French

29 April 2012

very concerned about the speed at which this is being done. No mention of the 30th April being the deadline for consultation. How much did the Council pay? Seems to be very limited information and hard to find the plan
ann macintyre

19 April 2012

I for one think that this proposal is a good idea. It makes me so sad everytime I pass the derelict hospital, staying like that is just a waste of space. Something needed to be done and services for children is a very appropriate use for the space. So what if the school uses the common, it might actually breathe some life into it, it is there to be used by local people, which the school children will be, after all! I really hope this goes ahead, as a university undergraduate planning to go into teaching in south west london, it makes me very happy to see this!

15 April 2012

I think it is great that you are investing in a new schools for Putney but feel that the catchment area for the proposed school will only benefit wealthy residents who can afford private education, unless you will be applying means testing for entry to the school.
sally garland

15 April 2012

"No Records Found. Please resubmit search with different criteria." The planning database isn't responding this evening so I can't see the application WBC is so proud of!
Celia Blair

6 March 2012

The council is rushing this through. No consideration has been given to the traffic implications on the very busy Lower Richmond Road. There is also already a school across the road. The whole area will be blighted by this development - the plans show there are no playing fields. So guess where these 400 children will play? On the Common - which will render it unusable by anybody else. In fact all the Common land around it will be subsumed by the school, particularly as there will be no boundary between the school and the Common. Wandsworth Council is rushing this through - they have not told residents about the "exhibition" on the 19th March. Nor have they told us how much this has cost us. Transparency, communication and consultation...
Concerned resident

5 March 2012

This all seems very rushed - i wonder why.Stag lane is the road to asda - one side a cemetry the other side asda - so where is the common land we are supposed to be recieving .By making the commons- a drive way to the school /flat - this now becomes a death trap to anyone walking/enjoying on the common as 420 car plus 24 plus flat people will be charging over the common . the hospital has road side entrance use that and spot spoiling the greenfield site for a road . Develop inside the space you have bought not the greenfield common land and destroying the trees. if not appriopiate DON'T buy it then or reduce the development accordingly I am shocked and appalled by the proposal -for promoting this blantent display of over development

1 March 2012

Please tell us how much these ex-hospital free schools are costing us! Especially at a time when services and staff are being ruthlessly cut.
Long time resident

24 February 2012

And, in the light of the council leader's claims for unprecedented local transparency and accountability, when will WBC reveal (to we the people who are paying for it) what this is costing us? Why is WBC so coy about our money and the way they spend it?
Celia Blair

23 February 2012