‘Let’s Talk’ roadshow heads for Northcote

Published: Friday 27th January 12

People living in the Northcote ward area of Battersea, which includes residential areas to the south of Clapham Junction station and the streets surrounding the ever popular Northcote Road, will have the chance to deliver their verdict on local services at the latest Let’s Talk feedback session.

The meeting, which is being held on Tuesday, February 7, will give local residents the opportunity to raise issues of concern about services ranging from street cleaning, recycling and parking to policing, public transport and the NHS.

The aim of these feedback sessions is to ensure that town hall politicians and managers understand local people's priorities for their communities.

The event will be chaired by council leader Ravi Govindia. He will be joined by Northcote ward's three locally elected councillors - Peter Dawson, Martin D Johnson and Jenny Browne. Also present will be the leader of the opposition Cllr Rex Osborn.

Senior managers from all the main town hall services will also be on hand to answer questions from the audience and address locally identified concerns.

People who are unable to attend on the night can email questions in advance to www.wandsworth.gov.uk/letstalk. A summary of the issues raised by residents will be posted on this section of the council's website after the meeting.

The meeting is being held at Belleville School in Webb's Road and will begin at 7.30pm.
People with a disability who require support or assistance to attend should call Gareth Jones on (020) 8871 7520 or email garethjones@wandsworth.gov.uk in the days leading up to the meeting.


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