New Battersea Rise traffic scheme

Published: Thursday 22nd December 11

A consultation is now underway on new plans to improve the Battersea Rise/Northcote Road junction.

The changes are intended to ease traffic jams, reduce accidents and improve pedestrian safety.
They would also make it easier and faster to cross the junction on foot and improve the look of this part of the town centre.
Wandsworth Council has been lobbying for major improvements to the junction which is managed by Transport for London (TfL).
The main features of the project are:
- A new diagonal pedestrian crossing
- Green man pedestrian crossing facilities at all arms of the junction
- New cycle parking stands
- New pavements including tactile paving for partially sighted residents
- Anti-skid road surfacing
- Removal of unnecessary pedestrian guard railings
- Rephasing of traffic signals to improve traffic flow and prevent stationary traffic from blocking the junction
TfL is now writing to local households and businesses to ask for their views. Residents can also examine the plans online and leave a comment at
Wandsworth Council's transport spokesman Cllr Russell King said:
"This junction has long suffered from rush hour grid lock and is a frustrating obstacle for pedestrians.  We're pleased TfL has listened to our concerns and is now consulting on an upgrade package.  
"The council is currently delivering improvement works to the St John's Hill / Lavender Hill junction at the other end of St John's Road. Assuming residents support TfL's scheme, when both projects are complete Clapham Junction will be much more pedestrian friendly place and the traffic situation will be much improved."
TfL's consultation closes on 11 January, 2012.
Construction works could begin in late February 2012 and would last for approximately 12 weeks.

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It would have made more sense to consult all the motorists who have been trapped and fleeced by TFL and other bodies at this cash cow junction, I was one of course! Virtually impossible to not get caught "in the box" albeit just six inches, TFL treat such "crimes" very seriously to the point that anyone would think you have commited a mugging! Still, the greedy little so and so's have nothing better to do and could not get a job in the real world.
Steve Hufton

8 January 2013

This junction has been nothing more than a cash cow for TFL and its a disgrace that so many drivers get caught within a few inches of being clear of the yellow box. Manned 24/7 the camera that oversees the junction is located purely for the purposes of revenues for greedy authorities who never seem to cut such services but throw more resources at them whilst matters important to the public are threatened with cut backs.

28 August 2012


13 February 2012

Can you tell me what a "partially sited resident" is please? (Fourth bullet point under the list of main features.)
C Jones

22 December 2011