Visitor parking moves online

Published: Tuesday 25th October 11

You can now apply online for a visitor’s parking permit with the introduction of Paperless Visitor Permits (PVPs).

This means you will no longer need to visit the town hall or a library to buy a permit, and your visitor will not have to display one in their vehicle. Instead a permit is purchased online then activated before the visitor's arrival. Only Wandsworth residents can apply for the permits.

If you've got some old 'scratch card permits' still to use, don't worry - these will continue to be valid and can be used as usual.

People without internet access can continue to buy scratch cards from the town hall.

The changes are part of a range of services now available online at, including online council tax accounts and library services. Other parking services will move online over the coming months.

Transport spokesman Russell King said:

"We want to make it easier and more convenient for our residents to access council services 24 hours a day, seven days a week - especially heavily used services such as parking.

"It's all part of the Wandsworth Challenge - which is challenging us to find innovative and cost effective way to provide services. This new online facility will save council tax payers' money because online transactions are more cost-effective."

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Recent comments

Those scratch cards are invaluable. If I have a sudden unexpected visitor or need the plumber, it is much quicker to hand out a previously purchased scratch card from a small supply, rather than have them trying to access the machine down the road - which on occasion has been out of order and which is very expensive. And as for security, did anyone realise that someone in the street trying to get some parking by telephone is immediately a prey to those bike-by muggers?
susan ekins

19 October 2012

I have just discovered that resident permit applications have moved online also, although I can't find a news release about this. As it's a new service you have to scan and upload proof of residence and vehicle ownership even if you've had a permit before and your circumstances haven't changed. Fine if you have a computer and scanner but what about those who don't? The alternative I have been told is to go to the library and use a computer/scanner there. A choice would have been nice Wandsworth Council - the option to apply online or by post.

12 March 2012

Wandsworth Council wishes to encourage residents to use online services as part of the Wandsworth Challenge. Customer Services staff at the town hall and on the parking helpline are fully trained and happy to help customers to register an online Visitor Permit account. In the meantime we would like to reassure residents that Wandsworth Council has no intention of discontinuing the use of Visitor Permit scratch cards which will still be readily available for purchase from the Town Hall. Residents who do not have internet access or would prefer to display a paper permit can continue to purchase them. Visitor Permits, which have been sold to residents, will not be refunded but are still valid and can be used as usual.
Wandsworth Council

1 November 2011

1) I do not think WBC have given enough consideration to the large number of elderly people who are unable to access a computer.How do they now obtain parking permits ? 2) I have already bought a number of permits - these have no expiry date - how long will they remain valid ? 3) How does WBC propose to reimburse people who have bought permits, if these are no longer valid ?
H Rouse

28 October 2011

What happens for people who can't get online when you change the parking tickets from scratch cards.
Lesley Hayward

27 October 2011

REFUNDS please on unused cards. As a pensioner I bought some for visitors but not all have been used. NOT EVERYONE HAS ACCESS TO A PC or mobile phone. WBC must consider this issue before it dumps the other system too.
Celia Blair

26 October 2011

The Council clearly hasn't considered the needs of older citizens, who are both mostly likely to need permits for family visitors and least likely to have access to the Internet. And for whom will this change be 'cost-effective'? Not the pensioners, who have both the time and the free travel to get permits. A reasonable solution would be to allow both systems in tandem. Permits could be issued from existing offices at very little additional cost. Now there's a Challenge worth taking up.

26 October 2011

Quite agree that refunds should be given for unused paper permits, and that those without internet access should be catered for. Please respond to these considerations.

26 October 2011

It is the elderly who need the visitors but who find it the most difficult to get visitors permits

25 October 2011

How does someone without internet access get a visitor’s parking permit?
Anonymous Coward

25 October 2011

Great news, but could you consider refunding scratch cards if not used? I have two that I'm unlikely to use 'over the coming months' - I was thinking they'd last me a couple of years..
Gail Ramster

25 October 2011