Celebrate Broom Army at Battersea gig

Published: Tuesday 25th October 11

A benefit gig celebrating the spirit of the Battersea’s famous Broom Army takes place this Thursday night at the Clapham Grand on St John’s Hill.

Up the JunctionTickets to the event - called 'Up the Junction' - cost £10 and all proceeds will be donated to Victim Support and St Mark's Youth Group in Battersea.

Buy your tickets online or call the Clapham Grand on 020 7223 6523. Doors open at 7pm - the line-up will be announced shortly.

The gig was previous arranged for September 8 but rescheduled for this Thursday. Tickets purchased for the earlier date will valid on the night.

Up The Junction has been organised by the club and a team of local volunteers as a way of helping the area recover from August's crime spree.

Organiser Charles Baybutt said: "After seeing the way people came together to clean up the streets after the riots, I was inspired to host a celebration of the community."

A few days after the town centre was attacked Wandsworth Council arranged a public meeting called 'Battersea Buzz' where local residents, councillors and business people came together to share ideas about how the community could respond positively to the attack on the town centre.

The gig is one of several initiatives to come out of the meeting and more plans are currently being developed.

For more information on Battersea Buss contact Clapham Junction town centre manager Lorinda Freint on 020 7627 3182 or email lfreint@wandsworth.gov.uk

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Why is it called the Clapham Grand when it isn't in Clapham?

25 October 2011

Why is it called the Clapham Grand when it isn't in Clapham?

25 October 2011